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How to Light Up Your Backyard

How to Light Up Your Backyard

Outdoor parties are something else with their special atmosphere, sounds of wildlife, and fresh breeze on your cheeks! Also, unwinding in your backyard after a stressful day is what many people practice to keep their stress levels low. Lighting up the backyard allows you to host parties and spend time after the sun sets!

If you need help with outdoor lighting ideas for your backyard, it is always good to contact a hardscaping contractor in Lancaster, PA, to use the space to its full potential! Before that, there are a few backyard lighting ideas to inspire you and tackle your imagination!

Functional Lighting for Safety and Convenience 

The first thing your hardscaping contractor in Lancaster, PA, will ask you about backyard lighting is the type of lighting you need. 

Pathway Lights

You don’t want to use a battery flash to get from your car to home safely, don’t you? Therefore, ensure your pathway is well-lit with low-voltage lights! You can also get inspired by different backyard solar lighting ideas, the cheapest options to maintain, and the simplest to install. 

Step and Deck Lighting

People who prioritize safety around their homes never skip to illuminate outdoor stairs and edges of the deck. Nowadays, you have plenty of mesmerizing options for step and deck lights, whether you want dramatic or subtle but functional lights.

Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights have a double purpose – they ensure your outdoor space is always safe. They can also be used as backyard security lights.

The motion-sensitive sensors can be easy to install, but if you already have some electrical work or previous lighting installation, hiring a professional is a safer way to ensure everything will work properly.

Ambient Lighting for Atmosphere and Mood 

Similar to indoor, outdoor ambient lighting sets the tone of the place. Do you want to relax or get ready for a party? Ambient light will help you create the perfect atmosphere you wish!

String Lights

If you wonder how to light up a backyard simply, the answer may be with a string of lights! You can hang them around seating areas, alongside the backyard wall, on the tree, or elsewhere. The string lights add warmth and unique charm to every garden.

There are battery-operated string lights, so you don’t have to worry if you have the electrical outlet close enough to power them. That gives you the freedom to customize your lighting system in the garden according to your needs and aesthetic preferences!

Lanterns and Candlelight

Using lanterns and candles can be a vintage way to light up your backyard and create a romantic and intimate atmosphere for outdoor dining or celebrations.

If you don’t want to risk with wax candles, opt for LED flameless candles and incorporate them into table central pieces or lay them out in the corners for subtle lighting. If you are searching for tree lighting ideas, these LED candles are the way to go! 

Fire Features

For some people, the best way to light up backyard is with the fire! Fire pits, fire bowls, and outdoor fireplaces light up the space and create a unique, cozy atmosphere, perfect for chilly evenings with your family and friends!

If installing a fire feature in your backyard scares you, hiring a professional is your best option. In addition, plenty of attractive fire features are pre-built and only need basic tools and skills for proper installation. Before installation, analyze the typical wind direction, place, and level of traffic around it to minimize the risk of uncontrolled fire. 

 Accent Lighting to Highlight Key Features

Accent lighting provides more customization and gives you more control over what aspects of your outdoor space you want to highlight and what spots you would like to cover. Here are a few options for accent highlighting.

Landscape Uplighting 

If you have always dreamed of creating a beautiful wall wash effect alongside your home, well lights can be the solution. In addition, you can install them smartly around trees, statues, and outdoor structures to accentuate the most interesting details in your garden. 

Vintage lighting fixtures are beautiful elements of your outdoor lighting that complement different architectural styles. 

Water Feature Lighting

Do you have water elements in your landscape, such as ponds, pools, and fountains? Why not illuminate them with underwater LED lights or submersible lighting? Those are perfect for hosting a party with a pool!

Sculpture and Art Lighting 

People who are proud of their outdoor art installation or invest time and money into their statue collection can add artistic flair with strategically placed lighting to create several outdoor garden spotlights. 

Smart Lighting Technology for Convenience and Control 

If you are staying up to date with the latest technology improvements, you must try outdoor smart lighting options. Those will simplify your lighting control and make you feel so cool when lighting up the backyard from your phone!

Wi-Fi Enabled Lighting Systems

Modern Wi-Fi-enabled lighting systems are easy to incorporate with your home assistant and control from your smartphone. It gives you power and control on the dimming lights, setting up time, and simply switching them on and off! 

When you connect them with your home assistant, outdoor lighting becomes a part of your everyday technology-assisted modern way of living!

Color-Changing LEDs

Color-changing LEDs are a fun way to customize the outdoor atmosphere and set up a serene or vivid mood. With these lights, you can make the most memorable parties, celebrate important dates, and give your outdoor space a makeover with a simple smartphone click!


When it comes to outdoor lighting, it is easy to get lost in all the creative and fun ways to illuminate the space and create a desired atmosphere! Before focusing on different ambiances and accent lights, pick the functional lights so that moving around your home during the night is safe.

Experiment with modern lighting systems and showcase your garden’s stunning elements.

Hopefully, this article resolved the most important questions about outdoor lighting! If you have more questions and need a professional look at your options, consult Integrity Land Works.