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Post likes are among the first few social metrics that indicate a post’s performance on social media. The viewer doesn’t need much time because a double tap will get it done. Check out authentic digital marketing service providers like FollowersOn to increase your Instagram likes.

These Instagram likes are important because they still get wrapped into the overall engagement numbers and Instagram analytics. This is still applicable even if Instagram wants to remove public like counts from the posts.

So, for better Instagram post-performance, likes are still integral. But how to increase likes on Instagram?

We’ve developed this guide to help you with that, so keep on reading as we’ll share some of the best tips to Instagram your Instagram likes, which will directly impact your overall fan following on your Instagram app.

Top 10 Tips on How to Get More Instagram Likes

Getting likes and followers on Instagram is not a simple task. You must put a lot of energy and time into building your Instagram reputation and followership. It will require even more power and time if you want to continue growing.

Now, we’re saying that it’s difficult, not impossible. The three basic areas you need to focus on are:

  • Focusing on creating better Instagram content that is visually more appealing.
  • Prompting your content effectively with proper hashtags, cross-posting, and other techniques (which we’ll share in a bit). Influencers and brands use hashtags to increase followers and likes on Instagram.
  • Collaborating with other content creators or engaging with others can be highly beneficial.
  • We will get into more depth by sharing our top 10 tips on getting more Instagram likes and attracting more engagement to your posts.

1. Finding a niche as soon as possible

It is important to find your target audience. You can’t just be everything for everyone, and you must not try to be like that.

Your niche is your people, and they are the ones who are interested in what you share. Therefore, it is essential to write your Instagram profile with that niche in mind and develop your content marketing strategy accordingly.

2. Researching the competitors

Research is always critical to building a reliable Instagram strategy. Once you’ve found your niche, it’s time to focus on your competitors or other people who are catering to the same niche that you are focused on.

You must see their content and assess what they share with the audience. You have to create similar content but with your touch. Emphasize how you can be different according to what you have to offer to your audience.

3. Testing out different content

Instagram started as a platform where people could share their beautiful pictures. But now, it has become a multidimensional platform where people can experiment with various content.

When you do this, your profile will remain fresh, and your audience will stay intact. It will work for your potential and new followers. With time, you will understand what type of content works with your audience.

4. Sharing catchy photos and videos

Being a highly visual platform, you must use Instagram to post more visually appealing content. It will allow you to get more eye on your profile and posts.

It will increase the number of likes on your posts as they reach a broader range of audience. Be sure to use high-quality photos and go for those filters as much as possible.

Video posts can be the best tool to draw more engagement to your posts. They stand out on your profile, as the platform is filled with endless photos. Therefore, it is important to post more high-end video content to attract more people and get more likes.

5. Using Instagram Stories

This tool is one of the top trending IG marketing tools as more and more Instagram users go for it. With IG Stories, influencers and brands can be more authentic and candid with their audience.

The best part is that you can use these Stories to highlight on your profile for a longer time (24 hours), a handy technique to increase followers and likes on Instagram.

6. Writing engaging captions

The captions you write on your posts should be fascinating and engaging. It is a useful method on how to increase your likes on Instagram.

Your beautiful image or HD video might be enough to grab attention. Still, your ever-hungry followers are expecting a bit more effort from you, and this is where you can use these engaging captions to make the content more personal.

7. Including a CTA

CTA or call-to-action should be included in all your IG posts, no matter what. It can be just a like, follow, or ask your followers to tag your friend or even link to another social media platform.

This way, you can cash in on your Instagram presence and turn your audience to your other social media handles.

8. Posting consistently and at the right time

If you want to give your content the best chance to perform, post consistently to stay in touch with your audience. You also have to post your content when your target audience is active to get more Instagram engagement.

For example, HubSpot says the best time to post is on Thursdays from 2 pm to 3 pm. As per Sprout Social, the best time to post is Wednesday at 11 am and Friday between 10 am and 11 am.

Some social media experts say that posting between 11m and 3 pm on Wednesdays works the best, and some also say posting between 9 am to 11 am brings the best results.

9. Using the hashtags

Using these hashtags means you are doing Instagram SEO for your profile and posts. With the help of these hashtags, you can reach out to your potential followers or even customers. So, you can use hashtags to increase likes on Instagram and get even more attention from your potential followers.

For location-based businesses, you can even use local hashtags and reach out to customers who are located nearby. You can get even more likes if you use proper hashtags, and it’s an effective technique to increase likes and followers.

10. Buying social media engagement

If you have just started and are still finding your feet, you can always get some support and go for the paid engagement. This way, you can get more impressions and engagement on your posts even before finding your niche and target audience.

It works well if you want to try something new or entirely out of the blue. So, buying likes is one of the effective ways to get a head start.

But where to buy and how to increase likes on Instagram posts? For your convenience, we are listing down our top 5 recommendations that you can use to hit the ground running.

Best Sites to Increase Instagram Likes

1. FollowersOn

FollowersOn is a top-notch service that you can consider for buying Instagram likes. They have been around for quite some time, and they understand how Instagram algorithms work.

They have different packages where you can buy your Instagram likes for as low as EUR 2.99 to get 100 likes and go for as many as 100K likes for EUR 334.99. Moreover, you can alter the number of likes based on your requirements.

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like anything about their services, you can ask for your refund, and it will be transferred to you with no questions asked.

They have a secure payment infrastructure with SSL certification in place. Besides that, FollowersOn has highly responsive customer service ready to solve your problems.

2. SocialBoss

SocialBoss is another option you can try, as it offers a similar offering to what FollowersOn has. You can buy as low as 100 likes for USD 3.29 and max out at 100K for USD 359.99.

The delivery time will be between a few minutes to 10 days, based on your chosen package. SopcialBoss understands how IG algorithms work, so they keep the drip slow to avoid triggering bots.

They have a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support. Apart from that, they have a wide range of payment options for your convenience.

3. InstaGrowing

InstaGrowing also has different packages based on how many likes you need on your post. Their smallest package allows you to buy 100 likes for EUR 2.79. If you want to go for the maximum, you will have to pay EUR 305.99 for 100K likes. This website is proficient in how to increase likes on Instagram.

You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee, but they don’t have an extensive payment infrastructure. So, you can only use a Visa card to buy their services. But you must remember these likes will be spread across multiple posts, not on a single post.


BankSMM is a decent service that hasn’t been around for some time. They focus on delivering the likes quickly, so you won’t find massive like packages here.

One of the best features BankSMM offers is that you can purchase other types of engagement for different social media platforms. If you do a lot of cross-posting, this service can help you.

Still, it works fine if you want quality service and don’t want to draw too much attention. They have various payment options, and you can buy views and Instagram followers.


SozialTop is among the newbies in the field, so their focus is on delivering quality. They have a simple approach: to keep things as user-friendly as possible. Therefore, you won’t get much assistance from support.

However, they have a good list of packages to help you try out their services. The good thing is that this service is an ideal choice for anyone who is dealing with paid social media services for the first time.

You can purchase other types of engagement and for other social media platforms from SozialTop. Therefore, you can bring in and divert more traffic to your Instagram account and other social media handles.


Instagram is a social media platform that marketers, brands, and influencers highly favor. It’s not just about posting photos; you can do much more these days with your IG profile.

So, posting regularly and quality content is key. But if you’re looking for more attention, you can always seek assistance through paid social media services.