Choosing an online casino might be tiresome, especially taking into account that the competition is really tough. A lot of gambling experts recommend players try to find out as much information about a casino as they can find. And this approach is right. However, there are some caveats, and we are going on this matter in this post.

Determining if a particular gambling establishment will fulfill your expectations might turn out to be a tiresome process. If you know a reputable reviewing platform that you can trust, everything becomes way easier. You just need to open a Zodiac Casino review and read what reliable experts can say about it. However, if you are unaware of a trustworthy reviewer, then you need to make the investigation on your own.

Why can reviews be fake?

If you have ever been looking for a job on freelance platforms, you might have come across job posts for copywriters, however, they are too low-paid. It is quite feasible, these are the companies that are looking for people who will post fake comments on numerous platforms. It is a kind of black promotion used by numerous companies, including casinos, with the purpose of improving their reputation and spoiling the reputation of competitors. And such fake comments make the process of choosing a gambling platform quite a tricky undertaking.

What sets fake comments and reviews apart from genuine ones

So, you have decided to find a reputable platform to play on. We have collected the most outstanding signs that will help you determine a fake review.

Sign 1. A large number of reviews are written in one day

Honest reviews are usually posted randomly. For example, once every few days. And they are rarely published one after another, for example, every 20 minutes.

And ordered (fake) reviews often appear on the same day, they also have a similar description and approximately the same number of characters, which is strictly according to the terms of reference provided by the client. Most likely, the customer has given the same task to several writers at the same time. And they have been laborious in fulfilling it.

Sign 2. There are superlatives in the review

If the review contains the words “ the most amazing casino”, “the most exclusive deal”, “the greatest customer support”, “the best quality”, etc. – this is a reason to doubt whether this casino review is real because, in real life, players are not eager to say things like this, especially seasoned players who have a gambling experience. They have played on numerous platforms, and they are unlikely to get that much fascinated.

Sign 3. A user writes many reviews in one day

If a user writes several casino reviews per day, most likely this is a copywriter, and these reviews are fake. Can you imagine a person who has played several casinos during one day? This can hardly be true.

Sign 4. A review contains the names of several employees of the casino support

If the review contains the names of several employees of the gambling establishment support team with whom the author has communicated once or twice, this arouses suspicion. Are you good at remembering the names of people you communicate with once in your life?

Sign 5. The photo from the review is used in other reviews

Just imagine that you have decided to write a casino review and attach a screenshot of the game that loads for too long, or the long silence of the support representative, will you be looking for it on the Internet? Unlikely! So, if you have been reading reviews and notice the same picture or screenshot, these are not genuine comments on a casino.

Sign 6. Promotional, depersonalized, or generic language

If the text contains advertising phrases or impersonal wording that will suit almost all products like “optimal betting limits”, “quality services”, “the casino is perfect”, “this site”, or “used the service”), this review might be a fake, and the author has made the research not well enough to write a good comment.

Sign 7. A review is written several years after using the services of a casino

It is quite rare, however, it still happens. If you come across a comment that mentions that a user played in this casino a few months ago, close it. Will you ever want to share your positive impressions after a while? If you had a negative experience in a casino, you will definitely write your comment right away.

Sign 8. The review justifies the flaws

If a particular gambling platform has a long processing time for withdrawals, and a lot of players have mentioned this in their reviews, this platform might try to justify this by ordering reviews where users will write that it is good that they need to wait for 72 hours since they are sure that a platform takes care of the security or something like this.

Sign 9. There are obvious keywords in the comments

Sites with reviews are indexed by search engines. Therefore, some customers indicate in the terms of reference the keywords that need to be mentioned in the review – this is essential for SEO. Not every review writer knows how to harmoniously introduce them into the text, then these reviews sound really unnatural. Most often, keywords mention the name of a casino and contain a link to its website.

Conclusive words

Now you understand how to recognize fake reviews, and you can determine if your competitor is playing a fair fight. And, of course, such a mini-research will help you make a decision on whether to play on this casino site or not.

Just be aware that some people can actually:

  • mention the names of employees in the review if they helped a lot;
  • use superlatives and advertising slogans (if, for example, they have studied other reviews before and remembered them).

Therefore, we recommend that you study several reviews and comments about a casino under consideration to evaluate what of the above-mentioned signs they contain. This will help to understand if any of them are fake.