How to Create a Signature in Outlook? (Complete Guide)


Emails signature is a powerful tool that goes to your end of the email message. It contains your contact information, a job title, and/or company name, and perhaps an image or logo. All of these give a lot of information about the sender and the company. They would be useful, informational, and visually attractive. In-Office 365, every individual user can create and add a signature that will automatically be added to all outgoing emails or applied only to specific messages.

How to Create a Signature in Outlook_

You can add or change multiple signatures to your Outlook, which will help you add according to whom you are sending. It includes text, an electronic business card, images, a logo, or even your handwritten Signature.

In this tutorial, we will see how to edit your Signature in your outlook profile. Your end content should be well organized, attractive, informative, and always updated because it contains a lot of information about you. You can change your Signature anytime if any changes occur to your job title, contact information, company name, and logo.

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How to Create a Signature in Outlook?

You can create multiple signatures for your outlook profile. When composing a new message, you can select any of those signatures in your message. Creating a signature in Outlook is easy by creating your own content or searching templates on the internet. If this is your first time, search on the internet, find the available signature templates, and make your own signatures.

Create Signatures for Office 2007-2010

  1. Open Outlook and click on the Tools on the menu bar. Now select Options to open outlook options.
  2. A new window will appear. Now select Mail on the left side pane.
  3. Under Compose messages, select Signatures in Create or modify signatures for messages.
  4. In the Signatures and stationary window, select New under Select Signature to edit. Now type the signature name that you want to add.
  5. Under Edit signature, type your content like contact number, address, email, and all. If you want to do the formatting, select any of the available options.
  6. You can also add your Business cardimages, or hyperlink to your Signature.
  7. You can also make your Signature as default by selecting it under Choose default signature. Select the
  8. Now hit on the OK

Create Signatures for Office 2013 and Newer versions

  1. Open your outlook account, and click on the File 
  2. Now select Options in the last.
  3. In the Outlook options, go to Compose messages and click on Signatures.
  4. In the Signatures and Stationery window, click on the New button under Select Signature to edit. Now type the name of your Signature.
  5. Now create your Signature under Edit signature. You will find all of your created signatures when you will start composing a new email.

Create Signature for Outlook Web app

  1. Log in to your account and click the Gear icon to open the menu in the upper right corner. Now select Options.
  2. Click on the Mail, and maximize Layout by clicking on it.
  3. Now hit on the Email Signature.
  4. Now type your Signature in the text box, add an image, logo, or hyperlink and click on the Save Note it, you can add only one Signature to your Outlook web app. If you want to change your Signature, you have to follow the same procedure.

How to Edit your Signature in Outlook?

Editing a signature means adding more information to your Signature. If you set up the Signature for the first time, you may make some mistakes or forgot to add something. Created signatures can edit anytime without any limitations. You can edit your Signature as many times as you want. You can either modify it or delete it. Instead of Deleting your Signature, modify it, and use it in your email. Here how you can do it:-

  1. Click on the File Select Options in the File menu. Now select Mail on the left side navigation pane. Now select Signatures under the Compose message.
  2. In the Email Signature tab, select the Signature under Select Signature to edit the list, which you want to edit.
  3. To rename your signature name, click on Rename button or go to the Edit Signature Edit your Signature whatever modification you want, then hit on the OK.
  4. If you want to make this Signature your default signature, then select it under Choose default signature. Select the Email account and the Signature in the New messages drop-down list and click the OK

So this was all about how to edit your email signature in Outlook. Signatures are useful to remember some useful information about yourself. Information about your contacts, email, company name, and more. You learned additionally about the creation of Signature and adding signatures to your message either automatically or manually. You can create as many signatures as you want for your outlook profile in Outlook 2007-2019, but not in Office 365 and Outlook Web app. This guide will help to create, add, and edit your signatures in Outlook.

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Add Signature to your email message

Once your signatures are created, you can easily add them to your email messages. You can add them either automatically or manually, your choice. You can set your Signature according to email. When you start composing your email message, you can find your signatures under the Signature option. You can either select one of them or can create a new one. Here how you can add your Signature:-

Insert Signature automatically

For Office 2007-2010:-

  1. Open your Outlook and click on Actions. In the new popup menu, select New mail message.
  2. Now at the new message window, select Signature under Include group. In the popup menu, select Signatures. You will see your existing available Signature when the popup menu appears.
  3. In the new window, click select your Signature or create a new one by clicking on the New Now select the Email Account that you want to add your Signature under Choose default signature. Now select your Signature in the New message drop-down list.
  4. Optionally, you want to add your Signature in forward/reply messages then, select it in the Replies/Forward drop-down list.
  5. Once it is done, hit the OK Close all the opened windows in Outlook except the main page, now compose your new email, and check whether the Signature is automatically adding or not.

For Office 2013 and Newer Versions

  1. Open your Outlook and click on the File 
  2. Select Options, click on Mail on the left side navigation pane.
  3. Under Compose message, click on Signatures.
  4. Under Choose default signature, select your email account and select your Signature in New Message which you want to add.
  5. Hit on the OK button when finished. Now compose a new email and check whether the Signature is automatically added to your new message or not after setting up the above things.

Insert Signature manually

For Office 2007-2010

  1. Click on the New button in the menu bar and select New Email.
  2. Click on the Insert tab, and click Signature in the popup menu.
  3. Now select your Signature which you want to add. Your Signature will appear in the message body.

For Office 2013 and Newer versions

  1. Open Outlook and compose a new email message.
  2. Click on the Signature and select your Signature from the popup menu. You can see all the available signatures. Once the Signature is selected, the Signature will appear in your message body.


Outlook has a number of possibilities of editing or creating a new signature which makes this platform more flexible. Because you were not limited to only one Signature. Sometimes we faced problems like our Signature is not working for some then this outlook feature will help you throughout. You can instantly create a new signature and resolve your issues.

Signatures are helpful to locate our outlook contacts and email more securely. And editing a signature is also helpful when you forgot your old outlook signature or if want to add more useful information to your signature profile. So don’t worry and use this feature and get a permanent solution from How to edit or change Signature in Outlook.