Do Smart TVs Have Built-In Antennas? (Guide)


Cord-cutting can be an exemplary motive, but it certainly has its upsides. Are you too thinking of cutting cords? Well, the chaos you are feeling right now will make up for the costs you will save, in the future. However, there is this question that people find very striking – Do Smart TVs Have Built-in Antennas? The answer to this is not very simple, as you need to know many differences between different TVs coordinating with the purpose of cutting the cords. 

Do Smart TVs Have Built-In Antennas? 

So, let us start the article without wasting any more time. Muster Along. 

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Do Smart TVs Have Built-In Antennas?  (Guide)

Smart TVs have a purpose to perform in the financial growth of the industry, which is a very broad sense is cognitive- entertainment and information. However, there were a few models that came supported with a built-in antenna for catching local signals. However, they were a big fail and need not be mentioned in this article as you won’t find them anymore. 

Do Smart TVs Need An Antenna? 

Since we are very specific about TV antennas in concern to Smart TVs. Here is one thing you need to look at. 

While purchasing your Smart TV, you need to make sure that this co-axial port input is available. 

Your smart TV comes loaded with a handful of extra features that a conventional TV or a display might lack. It is just a matter of a few bucks. To talk about an aerial antenna, there is none in any Smart TV. However, if we are considering smart TV it sure has its own internet and Bluetooth connectivity. And well for that functionality the smart TVs have a different set of antennas which are entirely different from TV antennas. 

Learn more on this below. 

TV VS Display

The list mentioned below offers suitable TVs and displays alike. The main feature is that a display is a downgraded version of smart TV, that is unable to function without an external tuner, satellite box, computer, or dongle. Whereas, a smart TV is an all-in-one, high-quality device that is able to function on its own to a vast extent in comparison. Note that a few displays are capable of delivering 4K quality videos but it works only with the internet. 

Worthful TVs With Built-In Tuners

Worthful Displays ( Not Smart TV)

Do I Need An Indoor Antenna Or Outdoor Antenna?

Depending on your purpose, if you require only local or regional channels like news and other frequencies with a basic signal quality you can spend $10 and have a fine quality indoor antenna. But, we only recommend outdoor antennas as with a bit more bucks in hand you can amplify your experience at absolutely no cost in the long run. It saves a hundred times its own values if placed at a good height. 

Indoor Antennas For Smart TVs

  • ONN ONA17CH001 Ultra-Thin Indoor Antenna
  • Magnavox MANT-050 VHF Behind the Set Indoor Replacement Antenna
  • SuperSonic SC-611 HDTV Digital Indoor Antenna: Supports 1080p Broadcasts

Outdoor Antennas For Smart TVs

  • Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna with up to 200 Mile Range
  • ViewTV Outdoor Antenna Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna Motorized 360 Degree Rotation
  • Winegard FreeVision FV-30BB Indoor and Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna

Closure | Do Smart TVs Have Built-In Antennas? 

So, we hope you have got your answer on doing smart TVs have built-in antennas. Now, if you ever had a smart Tv that promised some built-in antenna is nothing but useless machinery. Well, if you agree, comment down below the one you are going for. Our readers are always looking for reviews of things they will put their money on so it will prove helpful. If you have any more questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to put your thoughts to us.