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Video editing can become a very complex process for those who do not know what to do. Sure, the ability to create funny videos and add effects seems enjoyable to people. But creating high-quality, engaging videos with dynamic video effects and transitions requires extra time, effort, and technological knowledge. 

However, this is not the case when choosing a powerful but simple-to-use video editing program for beginners. Let’s understand what to consider when choosing the right video editor among other others in the market.

Part 1: Things to Consider While Choosing a Video Editing Program

Before discussing the top video editor, let’s discuss the main requirements of a good video editor for both Mac and Windows users. 

  • The features/services on offer– One of the first things users consider while deciding on software is the features available for video, image, and audio editing. Also, they check if all functions require manual processing or if there are automation-centric functions. 
  • Cost- The budget for the video editor plays a big role in users’ decisions to install the software. Many people, like students or complete beginners, do not have a huge budget to pay for a high-grade professional video editor for Windows or Mac.
  • Quality of video editing– Most users want software that provides high-quality video editing functions with simple steps. 
  • Customer Support- Another important consideration while choosing a YouTube editor is good and responsive customer support. This becomes important in situations when you are stuck with the working or any feature of the software and do not find any solution. Select software that offers multiple options for support like phone, email, chat, FAQs, and other means like forum community and a group.

Part 2: Easily Start Editing Videos on Mac Using Wondershare Filmora

Available for both Mac and Windows users, Wondershare Filmora comes with simplified features and UI and also contains high-grade features for professional-level cinematic video editing. You will get basic-level editing features here for top-notch editing work, like changing effects, color gradation, and more. Advanced automated functions like Instant Mode, AI Portrait, and more are also available for upgraded video editing work. 

The Features You Will Get on Filmora

You can expect multiple high-quality features from Filmora as a premiere video editor. Here are the benefits explained briefly. 

1. Rich Library of Effects

One of the primary benefits that Filmora users can experience is the availability of a great list of editing resources, like Title templates, transitions, and effects. You can directly access stock media options from software like Filmstock. 

Plus, it comes with FX plugins for users like Boris FX and NewBlue FX, which have a wide variety of collections in each. They are accessible on both the video editor Mac and Windows versions. However, Mac devices with an M1 chipset cannot use either FX plugin type, and those with macOS v.10.14 cannot also use Boris FX. 

2. Support HDR

Filmora allows users the ability to adjust video and image brightness levels with more vibrant detailing and color scape. During the export, you can choose the HDR option for the file in your device that is compatible with the strong GPU acceleration requirements. 

You can click on the File option and go to Project Settings to adjust; choose the Color Space drop-down menu to choose the HDR parameter on Mac devices. 

go to project settings

3. Split Screen

Another advanced function available on Filmora is splitting the project into multiple screens. This works to create commentary-style videos with different screens for varying characters/reactions/scenes. 

4. Advanced color adjustment, such as RGB Curve on Mac

Filmora has Color Correction and Color Matching functions for users to easily adjust the coloring in their videos. You can add a specific hue to the videos you are editing and match the colors of different slides. 

Besides this, Mac users can utilize the RFB curve feature for precise coloring changes on videos. After adding the file to the Filmora editing timeline with drag-and-drop motion, you can choose Advanced Color Tuning. 

choose advanced color tuning

In the next panel, change the Preset option to Adjust and choose the Curve option. You can make the needed adjustment and preview the final changes before saving. 

change the preset option

  • Audio editing

Filmora users can utilize the software to do various levels of video editing and even adjust the background audio. Many advanced features are available for users, like the Silence Detection feature. When you activate it from the Advanced Editing tools, the software automatically detects long pauses of no sound in the video and cuts them out. 

Plus, the Audio Ducking feature is useful for highlighting or changing the tone of the background voiceover in videos compared to other sounds playing additionally. 

  • Speech to Text/Text to Speech/SRT on Mac

With Filmora, users get the option to add SRT or use the Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech features. You can find the Speech-to-Text feature to transcribe voiceovers into text format through Tools > Audio > Speech-to-text. You will also get this feature when to choose a video in the media resource section and right-click on it. 

choose tools audio speech to text 

It is possible to select the audio/video track in the editing timeline, right-click on it, and choose Speech-to-text on both Mac and Windows versions. As for Text-to-Speech for automated voiceovers from the text script you add, you can choose the icon on the toolbar or click on Tools > Text-to-Speech. 

click on tools

Pros & Cons:


  • Easy to use, with drag-and-drop functionality. 
  • Rich Library of visual effects like Boris FX, NewBlue FX, etc. 
  • Advanced automated features like Instant Mode. 


  • 4K editing is not available during the trial version.
  • Boris FX is not supported on some Mac device models.


There are various useful video editing software options available in the market. Among them, Filmora stands out for its ease-of-use functionality while still giving users a host of professional-level advanced features. Try it out on your own to see how it works on your PC or Mac.