How To Check Your EBT Card Balance? (Precise Guide)


Dan Hartman’s ‘Living in America,’ the same song performed by James Brown, made us dance to the rhythm. Hand in hand, across the nation, in the voice of a black man. It’s all just too much. It is for similar reasons like the issuance of Food Stamps, which make my right bunch of fives go to my chest and feel my heart at the top of the world. But since many of you have been asking, we will guide you on How to Check your EBT Card Balance. 


EBT, and more appropriately, the P-EBT, in these times of Pandemic, are becoming increasingly helpful. Many of the families are already taking advantage for the good of the nation’s shape. For a few of you who are new or are thinking of applying for the EBT Card.- This is the best place to learn everything in detail. We will talk about EBT and how to avail it. Besides, we will discuss the benefits and aspects of checking the EBT card balance alongside other FAQs. Muster Along. 

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How to Check Your EBT Card Balance

EBT Cards are electronic cards, just like Debit cards, which are issued by American Government to the citizens who are eligible to avail them. Now depending upon the state, the amount transferred into the EBT card may vary. But it’s a surplus of all the needs required to purchase grocery and food items for the house of four, which must include kids. 

All the taxes and additional charges are reduced from the price of the article which the cardholder is purchasing. Now you can not purchase just anything with the EBT card. EBT card works in stores that accept EBT payment, which is debited from the cardholder’s account, and credited after 10 p.m. to the retailer’s account. Things that are on sale, alcohol, drugs, cocaine, clothing, and home utility, can not be bought using an EBT card as it is specifically for the cash benefits and SNAP benefits for those with low or zero income. 

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Generally, $782 is put in by the welfare of the state in the card, which can be used throughout the month on selected items. And to know how to check the EBT card balance, please read further below. 

P-EBT Card Balance Check 

Use the following methods to check your EBT card balance:

Check EBT Card Balance Via Phone 

The firstmost method we would like to discuss is the one that involves a hotline. Since EBT is managed on the state level, each state which organizes it has a different hotline, but the process is the same. Your EBT card number is a 16 digit number, just like the one at the front of any electronic card. Once you call the hotline, it will ask you to put in your 16 digit EBT card number. 

For your convenience, we have put in the list of all the hotlines for EBT inquiries of different states of America. Click here: EBT hotline state-wise.

Check EBT Card Balance Online 

The second method requires an internet connection. It is not hard to check the EBT balance online. You will need to log in to the Card Holder Portal. And, if you need the website, visit this link. If you have the account details like username and password, you can easily log on and check the card balance. You can also reset your password in case you do not remember just by following the steps mentioned on the website. 

Check EBT Card Balance from Receipts

The best way to check your remaining amount in an EBT card is to verify it from the last receipt from the ATM you had the last buy from. This simple method is quick and accurate, just like others, but many people lose their receipts, so that becomes the only problem.

But if you do have the last receipt, the numbers along with the ‘$’ prefix is your EBT balance. If you are eligible for cash benefits, the balance is usually written in two parts. The first one is your food balance, and the below one is your cash balance. 

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How to Check EBT Card Balance Without Card Number 

If you do not have your EBT card number with you, the balance can still be checked. Find the customer service number of EBT services of your state online. For instance, if you are in Alabama- search ‘Alabama EBT customer care.’ The website will offer an option to talk to a person. When you choose that option, you get the number. And a person from customer service will ask you for your social security number. They might ask for other details, so if you do not feel comfortable, don’t share. However, this brings you no harm whatsoever. Once they identify you successfully, you will have your balance on EBT from them. 

How to Activate My EBT Card?

If you have received your EBT card recently, there is a chance you are not aware of how to Activate your EBT Card. In that case, let us tell you that you can only use your EBT card once you have successfully activated it. And also you need to set the unique PIN. At the back of your card, you will have a number which you have to call. The prompts will lead you to various features and so choose ‘Activate my EBT Card.’ It will ask you to enter the 16 digit EBT Card number, followed by ZIP code or the last four digits of your social security number, depending on the state. Once this is done, you have to make a PIN. This is the final step, and this is how you can activate your EBT card in a couple of minutes. 


We hope that by this article on ‘How to Check your EBT Card Balance’ all your worries on the same have been resolved. However, it’s not the most comprehensive article for your knowledge on EBT and SNAP information.

So, it is likely you have some more confusion that may or may not directly relate to the topic. But, if that’s the case, do not hesitate to write down your queries or doubts in the comment section. We are happy to help.