Google Play Error Checking for Updates: Here’s the Ultimate Fix


Been experiencing the problem with Google Play Error Checking for Updates? If you are on android, the core utility of it lies in google services. And such one prominent service is that of Google Play. While it started out in Android, it became the source of mostly all valid downloads, be it games or apps. The reason behind it is that Google Play Store is a trusted marketplace provided by Google itself.

Google Play Error Checking for Updates

Back in 2013, when the speed was 3G, and the load on Google Play was minimal, it barely offered any malware detection. But now, since it is free (mostly) and open, it has billions of apps and games throughout. So, these scans and run-throughs have become a part of the sweet experience. Consequently, to eradicate the google play error completely and to know how and why it occurs- Muster along. 

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Google Play Error Checking for Updates

The reasons behind this Google Play Error are simple. And you do not need to panic if you come across one. This issue in Android can easily be fixed, as we have discussed below in this article. So, to know, let us list out the possible causes for the error. 

  • Date and Time Problem (set it to auto)
  • Network Issue (try connecting to Wi-Fi or vice versa)
  • Google Play Services Problem
  • Corrupt Files 
  • Corrupt SD card (try ejecting it temporarily from settings)
  • Low on Storage space ( Clear old useless files)
  • Junk and Cache (read below)
  • Battery Saving Mode (disable it or put the phone to charge)
  • Reboot required (generally)

Google Play Error Checking for Updates

How Do I Fix Google Play Services Update Error?

Fixing ‘Checking for Error’ in Google Play is not a major task. It is generally and easily fixed in a matter of a couple of minutes. We advise you to follow the steps as designed below. The order of the methods is necessary. And hopefully, you will be suited in the first few only, but we suggest you read and follow all of them. So that in the future you don’t have to come through any such problem again.

Disable Google Play Services

Google Play Services is the android utility from google, which auto-updates all background services and apps connected to google from your account. If the problem is occurring from this situation, you have to disable the Google Play Services for the time being.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on ‘Apps’
  • Select ‘All Apps’ and then find ‘Google Play Services
  • On this page, click on ‘Disable’ and press ‘continue’ in the dialog box.
  • Try using Google Play now, and enable it after following the next mentioned method. 

How Do I Fix Google Play Services Update Error? 

Update Google Play Version

Updating Google Play Store is easy, and it can be di=oen manually too. 

To do this:

  • Go to Play Store
  • Click on the icon at the top right in the search bar with your picture.
  • In this overlay, navigate to the ‘Settings.’
  • Click on ‘About.’
  • Now, in this, please click on ‘Play Store Version’
  • Play Store will start updating to the latest version in case it already isn’t.

Update Google Play Version

Change the Google Play account.

There might be some beta version encounter happening from your Google Account. To change this.

  • Go to the PlayStore app.
  • On the search bar, there is an icon on the top right with your account picture. Click on it.
  • If you have multiple Google accounts on your phone, you will see them when you click on the dropdown icon. Select one or log in with a different one.
  • Relaunch the app.

Delete Cache

You can easily delete all your cache using Google Files, but you can also do it manually. Follow the steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your phone.
  • Click on ‘Apps.’
  • Select ‘All App.’s
  • Find ‘Google Play Store.’
  • On this page, click on ‘Clear Cache.’
  • Move back to the Play Store and see if it works. 

Delete Cache

Clear Google Play Data (If nothing works)

After this step, you will have to log in to the play store with your Google account. So, please make sure you have credentials at hand. 

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your phone.
  • Click on ‘Apps.’
  • Select ‘All App.’s
  • Find ‘Google Play Store.’
  • On this page, click on ‘Clear Data.’
  • Move back to the Play Store and see if it works.

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Is your Phone/Tablet on the latest version of the OS?

Many of the problems just vanish away when you update your phone to the latest feature update of its OS. Look out for any available or pending updates. The updates bring security updates, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Plus, while installing, they reset important settings of your phone to default. 

Visit Google Play Store on the browser.

Clear Google Play Data (If nothing works)

If you do not want to go through any of the work but have an important install on your phone. You can always visit the Play Store Website and force an app/game installation directly from the browser. Although this method is a by-pass method and always works, you would want to have your phone free from all issues. Wouldn’t you? If not, then you will definitely like what you get to read further as Google Play Alternative. 

Is It Necessary to Use Google Play? Aptoide Google Play Alternative

One of the most crucial advantages of using Android is that nothing is necessary or restricted. Although some (legal boundaries are there) and if you want to read them, Google Play Store. But to answer the question is it necessary to use google play for downloading apps and games on your device. No, it is not a necessary thing. There are a ton of options available as Google Play Alternatives. One such app is Google Play Store.

Aptoide Google Play Alternative

And there are more, but in others, we don’t have much faith in their security. It is not necessary to use Google Play, but sure it is advised and safe. Google Play Updates are the top-researched and developed programs to fight and detect viruses if there are any in the apps you want to download. When you download from other unknown sources, they are usually flagged and can contaminate your device, stealing your data and causing other harm. 

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We hope that our article on- Google Play Error Checking for Updates has helped you get out of the frustration. We discussed the problem, talking about the causes and possible ways through which we can get above them. And it’s a belief that you liked our recommendation under Google Play Alternative.

However, it is likely that you still might have some related problem to which you might want to get a solution. In that case, do not hesitate to write it to us via the comment section below.