How To Change Display Name On Roblox? (Free Method)


Roblox is one of the best games you can play to take some time off of hardcore FPSs. It allows you to get into worlds designed by other players and play the levels they made. The whole game is community operated and its success has been increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, we are going to answer one of the most hyped queries among the new Roblox players — How To Change Display Name On Roblox? Changing your display name in Roblox costs around 1000 Robux, now you can do it for free. 

How To Change Display Name On Roblox

Roblox is a game where you will need to have a comprehensive display name so you can be easily identified by your friends. It will allow you to be easily accessible. We change our display name in games frequently, so it is convenient to have a way in which it doesn’t cost us money to do it. It is also convenient to make a good first impression if you are playing in front of new players if your name can be funny or badass.

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How To Change Display Name On Roblox? (Free Method)

The feature of changing names from time to time was removed after the game was released because of misconduct by players. They brought the option back a while ago, due to the demand of fans but it costs you around a 1000 Robux, which is approximately 12 dollars. 

In the latest update back in February, they removed this feature and gave us the option to change it for free, with a couple of conditions. We will be discussing the conditions a little later in this article.

We will be looking at the ways with which you can change the display name while discussing the conditions to change them. Remember, there is a difference between your username and the display name, and this method shows you how to change the latter.

Things To Remember Before You Change Your Display Name

Roblox is a game that is available on the PC, and mobile devices, that is why we will have to see the different ways on both platforms. The following steps will show you how to get a display name on Roblox.

Also, the update for changing the display names has only gone live in selected counties, like Germany. So, it is recommended to use a VPN to log in before changing your name. (as recommended by Roblox themselves). Change the VPN location to Germany and then we can begin.

The display names have to be from 3 to 20 characters long, and you can only change them once every seven days. Updating your display name will not cost you money anymore, and should you choose not to set a display name, the system will set it as per your username.

Display names are no doubt important for every streamer, Youtuber, or public player, but there are a couple of things you should remember in terms of changing your name.

You cannot put names that are offensive, or racially explicit. You cannot put names that offend people or make them complain bout the name to the forum, it will attract the attention of the developers which will result in a ban.

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How to Get Display Name on Roblox PC?

The following steps are mentioned for the PC, it will require you to log in to your account and change a couple of things. This section will show you how to change the display name on Roblox on PC.

Step 1

The very first step as we discussed in the previous heading, is to download a VPN. If you already have one great but download the following VPN, as the Roblox Corporation recommended.

  1. WindScribe
  2. ProtonVPN
  3. Turbo VPN
  4. Atlas
  5. TunnelBear’

Step 2

After downloading the VPN, open it and change the location proxy to Germany. As mentioned before, the feature is live in Germany, so we will need to log in through the country’s proxy to change our name.

turbovpn germany

Step 3

After setting the proxy, open Roblox and go to the “Settings” on the main screen. After clicking on Settings, go to the account info option.

roblox settings

Step 4

After going on the account info, you will see a screen that will show you the option to edit your username as well as your display name.

Go ahead and change your display name by clicking on the pen icon on the side, remember the rules we discussed earlier regarding the display names, whenever changing your name.

How to Get Display Name on Roblox Mobile?

When Roblox was released on mobile, it was the most played game besides Minecraft and Clash Royale. It had millions of downloads and hundred thousand daily users, it was innovative because the app store was filled with adventure and FPS games. It was integral to have a game that could break that cycle.

Step 1

The things to follow for mobile are almost similar to the process for the PC, with a few exceptions. Firstly download any VPN (We prefer ThunderVPN for mobile as it offers faster connections than other VPNs).


Step 2

After downloading the VPN, login, and get into a Germany Proxy, this will allow you access to change your name.

Step 3 

Open the Roblox app, and click on the three dots (this is the more option). In this option, you can access your friends, catalogs, groups, events, and so on. Scroll down until you see a “Settings“ Cog and click on it.

Step 4

After clicking on it, you will open another page, and you will need to click on the “Account Info” option, which is usually the first option after clicking on settings. 

After clicking on the account info, you will see your username and your display name, along with a pen icon alongside both of the names. Click on the display name and change it, (there will be a heads up saying it has to be within 3-20 characters).

After changing the display names, there will be a save option that you can use to save your progress, click on it and exit Roblox, after then disconnect the VPN, clear recent apps, open Roblox again and your display name will be changed.

FAQs | Can’t Change Display Names On Roblox

How To Change Display Name On Roblox 2021?

The display name is easy to change as long as you have access to a VPN that connects to Germany along with a stable internet connection. All you have to do is connect to the Germany proxy in VPN, and open your Roblox account, click on settings.  Change the display name from the account info. Click on Save, and then exit the app. Restart after disconnecting from the VPN.

How To Change User Name On Roblox?

This is the same step as the display name, with a minor switch-up. Instead of changing the display name, change your username, in the steps that you follow from top to bottom. This will change your username, but you can only change it once a week.

Closure |How To Change Display Name On Roblox?

The short version is that you will need to download a VPN, switch to the Germany Proxy, and open Roblox. After doing that, go to your account settings and change the username, switch off the VPN after exiting. 

When you open the game again, it should have changed your display name. We hope you got to know about how to change display name on Roblox.