Have you heard about discord? Well, it is one such communicating platform that gamers have been obsessing about. The platform facilitates the ease of communicating, leaving behind the restrictions of members joining a particular server. Whatever may be the scenario, the question “How to Add Someone on Discord without Tag?” is still bothering many. There lie several ways for you to get connected to a particular user in terms of friends.

How To Find Someone On Discord

Have you thought of what to do when you do not have the Id or name of your friend? How to buy members on discord? How do you add users to your network? All such queries are meant to receive legit answers by the end of this piece. If you are someone struggling to get the best out of the discord platform, you are in the right place. We aim at delivering all that our readers are looking for in this particular piece.

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How to Add Someone on Discord without Tag?

You might be looking all over the internet for a guide on ‘ How To Find Someone On Discord without Tag?’. However, not all methods may yield adequate results for you. To give an overview, discord works for PC as well as mobile. These are the primary gadgets that facilitate the use of discord services. The first and foremost thing essential to add someone on your discord is either username or tag number. What if I tell you, one can do without either of the two? Yes, you heard me right. Also, though the internet has done more good to society, cyberspace is something to be handled with care. It requires utmost awareness to prevent oneself from fraud.

You get to customise your profile alongside an automatic chatbox and various other facilities. Upon successful joining of the platform, a specific and unique tag number is generated. It is the tag number itself that serves the purpose of connecting with another user. The complete functionality of the platform is such that you cannot choose to be alone. Thus, it is quintessential that you are well aware about the different ways of finding and adding people to your list. Let us look at each step in detail.

Discord Without Tag Number [Android & iOS]

As has been already discussed, connecting on discord necessitates the user name and the tag number. But, the mobile operators are in an advantageous position because it enables connecting with people easily. Only the mobile operators can connect to nearby devices without the tag code or the user name. 

  • Download and install the Discord application from respective application stores
  • Open the application on its homepage
  • The top left corner displays the hamburger icon; you need to click on that

How to add someone on Discord without tag

  • On the bottom of the screen, certain symbols exist; you need to click on the human-like icon
  • The top right corner displays the option for adding someone
  • By default, username and tags will be evidently visible. You need to click on the nearby scan button


  • Grant all permissions that appear on the screen
  • Enter scan to look for users present nearby
  • Ask the nearby user to go to the nearby scan option
  • When both users are in nearby scan mode, you can find and connect with each other.
  • Once you and your friend detect each other, it will appear on the screen
  • When it appears on both devices, click on send option to allow a friend request
  • On acceptance of the proposal, the user is available to connect with on friend list automatically

Closure| How to Add Someone on Discord without Tag?

The only easy answer on “How To Find Someone On Discord without Tag” has been talked about throughout this piece. The platform works equivocally for mobile as well as PC user. You can also use a people search tool like to find someone on Discord using their name, email, address, or phone number. As of today, the purpose and functionality of using discord lie in several folds. It is not just restricted to be used by gamers only. Other larger communities can also have access to servers to communicate directly through voice, video or even text.

Thus, with this small tutorial piece of article in hand, one can easily connect with their desired users without any hassle. The ultimate goal is to connect with people, be it the easy way or the twisted way. Using discord through a desktop app or website also follows similar steps but in a more straightforward way. It is free from any complications, unlike for mobile operators.

In just four to five easy, simple steps, one can add friends to a discord through a desktop. With the tag code and username at hand, it gets easier for you to reach the targeted user. However, the specific point that needs attention is that cybersecurity is of utmost importance. One should not share personal details or login credentials to keep away from any probable fraudulent activity.