Dexter may have disappointed a good handful of his millions of followers around the world in his final season, but the truth is that his unexpected return for a ninth season has a large majority of fans of the unforgettable Showtime series waiting. To begin with, because it is not a ‘revival’ or ‘reboot’ like others that are taking place, but because, on this occasion, the new installment will serve as a sequel to the original series, it will once again star Michael C. Hall in the shoes of Dexter Morgan and will show us the murderer’s new life after faking his death and fleeing Miami.

Although at first the return of the titular murderer was only guaranteed and it was expected that the ninth season of Dexter would present us with a new environment for the character, the specialized website Deadline has been able to know that another of his veterans will be back in the new episodes. And, be careful, because it is not just any name, but it will be, nothing more and nothing less, than John Lithgow again in the shoes of the unforgettable serial killer Trinity.

Unforgettable for his role as the great villain of season 4, one of the series’ most prominent murderers and responsible for the tragic death of Rita ( Julie Benz ), Arthur Miller aka Trinity was brutally murdered by Dexter at the end of the aforementioned installment. . However, he will star in a cameo in the 10-episode revival.

How? Although it may be a surprise at the beginning, the truth is that, and more in the case of a one-off appearance, the team in charge of Dexter’s return just pulls memories of the protagonist or any kind of ‘flashback’, which will probably be brought back the character. However, it is without a doubt one more reason to look forward to the ‘revival’.

A Renewed Cast In The Ninth Season

The premiere of season 9 of Dexter is scheduled for next fall and, as has been advanced, will resume the action around 10 years after the events that closed the series in its original broadcast in 2013.

Now Dexter Morgan is living in Iron Lake, a small fictional town in upstate New York and, as one of his first teasers revealed, he continues to kill. Along with Michael C. Hall, they will star in the series Clancy Brown ( Billions ) as Kurt Caldwell, an important Iron Lake figure and the main antagonist of the new batch of episodes; Julia Jones, as the Iron Lake Police Chief; Alano Miller as Police Department Sergeant; and Jamie Chung, as a famous ‘podcaster’ specializing in ‘true crime’ who arrives from Los Angeles and is trapped by the mystery of the area.

Likewise, he returns as ‘showrunner’ Clyde Phillips, who in a recent interview said that the ‘revival’ was not intended to fix or redo anything from the original, but to continue the story: “We are not going to betray audiences and say: It was all a dream. ‘What happened in the first eight years, happened in the first eight years. ”

Michael C. Hall Understands The Fans And Believes That Season 9 Is Another Opportunity

The protagonist of the series Michael C. Hall does not deny the reason to the ‘showrunner’, but in a recent interview with Times Radio, he has confessed that he understands that the fans were not completely satisfied and that season 9 will allow them to give a new ending to the character.

I think the series ended in a slightly disconcerting way, at best, if not infuriating, for people. But at least it laid the groundwork so that we could go back and respond more forcefully to what happened with this guy.
“I fully support what happened, the decision he makes in the end, but when it comes to execution, we were all at full throttle at the time, so I understand it,” he concludes.

Likewise, Hall has also confirmed that there are only five weeks of filming left and that Showtime’s plan, if all goes according to plan, is to premiere the first episode already in November.