The House of the Dragon show has added a few stars in recent weeks without confirming when it would be ready for release. But thanks to a promo clip for HBO Max announcing the big releases coming to HBO, we have our first hint of a confirmed date.

The video reveals the first look at House of the Dragon in approximately 49 seconds, with a shot confirming that the Game of Thrones spin-off will occasionally arrive in 2022, corroborating what HBO president of programming Casey Bloys, calculated.

A lot has happened in the months since that have caused delays and shutdowns throughout the entertainment industry, but House of the Dragon, by the way, it’s still scheduled for a 2022 premiere regardless.

Unfortunately, the clip of the fierce Targaryen dragon doesn’t reveal a precise date, but the 2022 confirmation is probably the best that could be hoped for with the cast seemingly finalized and production only officially starting in 2021. That said, there has been enough production so that House of the Dragon has been able to create a few seconds of dragon action to exalt the series.

The footage is too dark to identify the dragon, but based on the previously released House of the Dragon art combined with who will play Doctor Who alumnus Matt Smith, my bet is that this dragon is none other than the mighty Caraxes.

Still, with House of the Dragon incorporating many Targaryens, many of whom were dragon riders, this fire-breathing creature could be one of many. Whatever the dragon, it promises a lot to fit in with the Targaryen motto of “fire and blood”!