Two teens from Milwaukee, United States, are dealing with indictments for the September 2020 assault and murder of Ee Lee, severely beaten and left for dead in a recreation center. Kamare Lewis, 17, and Kevin Spencer, 15, have been accused of first-degree murder and first-degree rape (major real damage), Fox reports. Lee was found on September 16, 2020, in Washington Park by “spectators”, while she was all the while breathing, however, was seriously beaten and had been left for dead. She was stripped beneath the midsection, showing rape that was affirmed on scientific assessment.

The 36-year-old casualty was attacked by adolescents who hauled her under a tree, stripped her, and manhandled her. “A wiped out attack recorded with cell phones,” said investigators for the situation. In the wake of being moved to the medical clinic, she passed on September 19 because of a gruff injury to the head. One of the “observers” who called 911 in the wake of discovering Lee’s body was found to have been in the recreation center during the attack strolling with various subjects, including Lewis and Spencer. When gone up against that data, investigators said the observer gave a “point by point explanation” to demonstrate that Lewis and Spencer beat Lee and constrained her to perform sexual demonstrations. The observer affirmed that he later saw a video on Lewis’ telephone showing Lewis and Spencer beating her as she lay on the ground.

The subsequent individual to discover the body said he saw Lewis “hitting (Lee) with tree limbs” while Spencer likewise attacked the person in question. After the beating, she said, “Spencer requested that Kamare put her in the water and Kamare hauled her into the water.” This observer said that he got a video of the attack recorded by Lewis utilizing Facebook Messenger and afterward erased it from his telephone.

In January, a year after the wrongdoing, analysts got a call from the observer’s mom, who showed that she “may have a video that they would be keen on seeing on her old iPhone”, shipped off her child through Facebook Messenger by Lewis, however then eliminated. He said the video showed “two kids beating a lady” and “could tell what their identity was,” and “there were numerous other little youngsters around.” He said they got the video around two days after the occasion and requested his child to “dispose of it since it had nothing to do with it.

Another teen whose DNA was found in a jug at the scene disclosed to examiners how Lewis and Spencer assaulted the casualty at arbitrary. “They saw this woman on a cover in the recreation center, they moved toward her to check whether she had cash and they began irritating her,” she told specialists. At that point, they started to beat and kick her, before hauling her to a zone, close to a tree, to assault her further.

Examiners said Spencer admitted to this observer that he and Lewis beat and assaulted Lee. Lewis “attempted to make light of his job in the episode,” announcing that Spencer and others were the hardest hitters and that the casualty “elected to have intercourse with the litigant and others present,” before others swarmed in. also, they began beating her. The DNA of the two youngsters was found on the casualty’s body and her coat, as indicated by the criminal protest. Whenever indicted, they face as long as 60 years in jail.