Disney continues with its plans to transform its classics into live-action films. One of the next projects that Mickey Mouse House has in hand is Hercules. The live-action remake will feature brothers Joe and Anthony Russo as producers and the filmmaker couple, who were in charge of bringing Avengers: Endgame to the big screen, have updated the status of the film.

“We have an amazing writer, Dave Callaham, and he’s on the script. We should see something in the next week or two, I think, ”says Joe Russo at Collider. Callaham has experience handling scripts for major film productions. In his filmography he has credits in films such as Wonder Woman 1984, Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings, Zombieland: Kill and Finish, and the future Spider-Man: A new universe 2.

As for whether the live-action version of the film will keep the original songs from the animated film, Joe Russo has this to say: “We’re keeping all of that under wraps for now. We want the audience to have some discoveries about what is new about our version. ” Finally, Anthony Russo has stressed that the project is still in its infancy. “These are projects that are in their infancy and there is a long road of creative experimentation that occurs before you know what the film is.”


In May of this year, the Russo brothers announced that the “remake” of Hercules will not be a “literal” version of the animated film. ” You always have to put something new on the table because, from our perspective storytellers, captivates us do literary translations. We’ve done our Marvel movies. We do literary translations of comics because we feel that if you want you can go to the comics to read that story. We are going to give you a different story. We will do something that is in tune with the original and will be inspired by it, but we will also put new elements on the table. ”

While you wait for news about the live-action ‘remake’ of Hercules, take a look at the trailer for Soul that you will find on these lines. What’s New from Disney · Pixar premieres on Disney + on December 25 at no additional cost to subscribers.