With Hawkeye, the streaming service Disney + will bring another Marvel series to the house screen. Read here what it’s about, which actors are confirmed and when the series should start.

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Hawkeye has the reputation of being the foremost unspectacular of the Avengers within the Marvel Universe – but the archer is now getting his series on the new Disney + portal. Marvel Studios invest around 25 million US dollars per episode within the 8-part production.

Hawkeye: That’s what the show is about

Agent Clint Barton alias Hawkeye will train his student Kate Bishop within the series of an equivalent name. this is often already known to comic fans as a member of the Young Avengers and will be his successor. The Labrador Lucky is additionally included in a number of the photographs from the series shown beforehand.

When is that the start of the series production planned?

The recently published announcement that the new Disney + series won’t even start thanks to casting problems was denied shortly afterward by an employee of the US news portal “The Verge”. the beginning of series production for “Hawkeye” has only been postponed to the top of 2021. consistent with rumors, the argument between leading actor Jeremy Renner and his ex-wife might be the rationale for the series start being postponed. Renner is accused of abusing his child’s mother and making death threats. Whether Disney has considered exchanging the Avenger for an additional actor and thus the series won’t start in 2020 as announced, has not been officially confirmed.


Cast: These stars are a part of Hawkeye

According to the present status, it remains that way: The skin figure Clint Barton is again embodied by Jeremy Renner. Even if, consistent with producer Kevin Feige, Renner had already signed a contract for his own Hawkeye film on Disney +, nothing stood within the way of appearing on the series. Who will take over the feminine a part of Kate Bishop has not yet been officially confirmed. In conversation is that the Oscar-nominated Hailey Steinfeld (“True Grit”). Linda Cardellini also can appear as Barton’s wife.

Together with the opposite new Marvel series WandaVision, Loki, The Falcon, and therefore the Winter Soldier, the Hawkeye series also belongs to the fourth phase of the MCU.