The popular series CBS, Hawaii Five-0, saw it’s final earlier this 2020, so many fans will miss seeing the imprudence of the main character Steve McGarrett. But, remembering a little, this has perhaps been his biggest madness of all.

In the final episode of season 7, Steve McGarrett jumps off a bridge and lands on a moving semi-trailer underneath, to rescue the girls who are trapped in a sex trafficking ring.

This may be probably the craziest trick that has become the main character of Hawaii Five-0, Steve.

Because he could have died in several different ways if he hadn’t had the time or had been lucky or even a guardian angel would not have been on his side.

We all know that Steve has risked his life several times during the 10 seasons of Five-0, but never before had he done something at this level, one of the greatest recklessness.

It was certainly one of the best, if not the best, action sequences that the popular Hawaii series Five-0 has ever shown. A great character with a great actor.