The popular CBS series Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum PI are gearing up for a character crossover, for the Magnum PI season 3 premiere.

The start of season 3 of Magnum PI, will feature the actor of the series that ended in early 2020, Hawaii Five-0, Shawn Garnett.

Shawn Garnett, played the character Flippa in Five-0, but is now preparing to appear in Magnum, after being recruited for a joint investigation.

Magnum and his cousin Kamekona are investigating the false identification that was used by a person related to one of their cases, so they seek the help of Flippa. Check out the preview here.

But, the Magnum PI series will not only feature Garnett, but also another Hawaii Five-0 actress, Kimee Balmilero as Dr. Noelani Cunha.

The participation of the characters from Hawaii Five-0 opens the possibility of seeing more members of the cast in the Magnum PI series.