Tony Hale is Famous for Large comedies like Arrested Development and Veep, but the star is also the Founder and executive producer of Archibald’s Next Big Thing Is Here. The animated series is coming into Peacock on February 18th, Recently had a conversation with Hale in regards to the show, which also contains him voicing the titular character. However, Archibald isn’t the only animated character Hale has uttered lately. He also plays Doctor Psycho on Harley Quinn, which was recently revived for a third season by HBO Max. We requested Hale about playing with the villain and he talked about the show’s differences from Archibald. We also inquired if he will be returning for the new season and while Hale isn’t sure, it seems like he enjoys working on the DC series.

“She is a little different than Archibald,” Hale joked. “I don’t know. I mean I apologize for being the last person that hears anything. I recall when we were doing Arrested, when they brought us back from Arrested Development,” I would always get that question. And I just, I felt like I had been the last, like individuals from the media were saying, ‘Oh I heard you came back.’ And I was like, ‘What, are you serious?’ So I don’t personally know, but one of those authors, [Dean Lorey], was an author on the very first season of Arrested Development … So it’s enjoyable to use him again. Harley Quinn, man, It’s so funny but so the opposite of Archibald.”

We brought up how Doctor Psycho is introduced in Harley Quinn by phoning Wonder Woman a bad word, and the way that it’s great that the show never tried to redeem him before he becomes the protagonist of Season 2.

“Yeah, and that’s, that’s a great point. Cause I like this. I like dark,” Hale replied. “Doctor Psycho is a good illustration of what we don’t wish to be. We want to develop and we would like to grow and we want to learn from our mistakes. Whereas Archibald is someone who I do hope to be. I would like to learn from my mistakes and I wish to see the world the way Archibald sees it. So, but they’re two very different examples, you understand?”

Hale might not be sure if Doctor Psycho is coming back, but we do understand there are no plans to split up Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, which showrunner Justin Halpern lately confirmed in a meeting.

“If we were discussing where a third season could proceed, the very first thing we both said is, ‘We do not want to do a third season where it seems as though the stakes are [whether] Harley and Ivy stay together.’ It is a lot more interesting to do a show about how you browse these very different personalities being in a relationship. And what are the fun things that could come out of that? What are the external influences that can create that relationship hard but without the stakes, ‘Are they going to split up? Are they not?’ So yeah, if there is a third time, which I expect there will be, the bets won’t be, ‘Are Harley and Ivy likely to remain together?’ They’re a few.”

The first two seasons of Harley Quinn are now flowing on HBO Max and Archibald’s Next Big Thing Is Here is coming to Peacock on February 18th.