Has Harley Quinn Been Renewed For Season 3?

Not yet, and co-creators Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey don’t seem to understand the rationale. On Twitter, Schumacker took solace within the incontrovertible fact that the primary two seasons of Harley Quinn were being released on Blu-ray and what that meant for the show’s future.

The character hilariously addressed a Season 3 question during DC FanDome’s “Ask Harley” segment. Harley says she’s unsure about Season 3 but makes it clear that the show should get another chance before taking an attempt at some executive. She also adds that the show is “super cheap to make” and Harley Quinn plays well internationally. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Harley Quinn is doing well on HBO Max, but Season 3 reportedly hinges on an approved and renegotiated new budget. to not mention that a renewal decision is on pause following shake-ups at Warner Bros. and new management.

Meanwhile, we will look to Doom Patrol, a fellow DC Universe show, as an example of what to potentially expect regarding Harley Quinn. Doom Patrol was renewed for Season 2 and subsequently made the move to HBO Max at around the same time. For Season 3, it’ll air exclusively on the new streamer and therefore the same could be the case for Harley Quinn.

When Is That The Release Date For Season 3?

Should Harley Quinn be renewed soon, Season 3 may premiere on HBO Max at some point late next year or 2022 at the very earliest. the primary two seasons premiered within months of every other because the show had already gotten a 26-episode order back in 2017. A Season 3 renewal would be an excellent start so that the creators can get to performing on the storyline as soon as possible.

What Is The Plot Of Harley Quinn Season 3?

Season 2 ended with Commissioner Jim Gordon crashing Poison Ivy’s wedding to Kite Man to urge before the Justice League and take down the villains who were attending. Harley also crashes the marriage to prevent Gordon and save her ally (whom she has feelings for). Gordon flees and utter chaos ensues, but Harley and Ivy finally get the happy ending they deserve and chase away into the sunset together (while being chased by Gordon’s men). Oh, and Joker realized that he still wanted to be a villain, but also calm down within the suburbs together with his new girlfriend. What a show!

Fans should expect Season 3 to select up where Season 2 left off, with Harley and Ivy starting a romantic relationship together (and possibly in jail if they’re caught). There’s still tons left to explore with the storyline. After all, Gotham City remains a stop from the remainder of the U.S. and Harley has finally realized that she’s not the straight-up villain she wanted to be. Season 3 could explore this new side to her as she finds her place as an antihero.