Harley Quinn Season 3: Harley Quinn is a character in the world of fiction, originally known as Doctor Harleen Frances Quinzel. It is a character in the DC Extended Universe, similar to the DC comics. The Role was played by the famous actor Margot Robbie, whose first film was “Suicide Squad.” The plot of the film begins with a flashback of Dr. Harleen Quinzel. He was formerly the psychiatrist of the prison.

Release Date: Harley Quinn Season 3

The most exciting news is that season 3 of the incredible Harley Quinn is nearing its release. The DC series is going to be streamed on HBO Max. The only news of its release has set a tinge of excitement among the fans of Harley Quinn. Although the actual date has not been announced, the commencement of the series on HBO Max is definitely going to happen in the very near future. We just need to keep ourselves ready to witness the third season of the series. Although the DC Universe has been transformed into only an E-reading comics service, the shows exclusive to the brand will be uninterruptedly streaming on HBO Max.

Harley Season 3


Harley Quinn Season 3: Cast

Shifting our focus on the cast, Harley Quinn will be played by Kaley Cuoco, Poison Ivy by Lake Bell. However, Alan Tudyk will be playing the Joker, Clayface, Calendar Man, Condiment King as well as Doctor Trap. We will also witness Tony Hales and Ron Funches as Doctor Psycho and King Shark, respectively. The role of Sy Borgman and Frank the Plant will be played by Jason Alexander and J.B Smoove. The change due to the rebranding of DC Universe to DC Universe Infinite, which is supposed to commence from the 21st of January, 2021 will provide Netflix users with access to the DC comics library.

Harley Quinn Season 3: Plot

The fans of Harley Quinn are not ignorant of the fact that the second season ended with a blast of happiness. Although the plot has not been made public, with the proper ending to season 2, we can expect a brand-new storyline of the Harley Quinn, Season 3. The delay in the release of this new season since 2019 has not at all demotivated the fans, instead, they are equally eager till now even upon the fact that a new season is about to release because no one had expected one with the changes that were taking place in the world of DC.