Eleven days ago, Antena 3 began broadcasting a video in which Pablo Díaz appeared, excited, next to a marker that indicated 24 hits and 18 seconds. He only had to hit the letter H. With the audience always hooked, and with many thousands more jumping on the bandwagon, the chain has been stretching the gum. At the end of yesterday Wednesday, when some indignation was already detected in social networks, the program’s Twitter account announced what most thought would be Day D (of Diaz, Pablo) and Hour H (for the letter of yore). But it wasn’t. The script turn has been 10 on the scale ‘The sixth sense’.

In today’s rosco, Pablo Diaz had a new duel with Marta Terrasa, who is being a magnificent contestant who has made him improve, according to his own words. This afternoon was their twentieth confrontation. There was no blue chair from the start, because yesterday they had tied. The Tenerife candidate, who reached his 171st consecutive program, reached this final test with 167 seconds of time. He began: he hit one and passed a word. His rival had 126 seconds, who answered five input questions, advancing that he would not make it easy; then, when push came to shove, it ran aground.

But let’s go with the protagonist. In the absence of 51 seconds, with 18 hits, Pablo Díaz began to get very nervous. I saw the triumph close: “I have to listen to three, but this donut is quite good”, he revealed. She said she had a tingling in her hands that she hadn’t felt since the seventh show. Then, in the absence of five letters (‘Q’, ‘U’, ‘H’, ‘I and’ M ‘) he said he had the’ Q ‘at 50%. He hit four in one go and began to cry, because he thought he already had the win in the pot. “I’m going to calm down a bit”, he confessed, visibly nervous.

And what we thought was going to be the great moment arrived. Roberto Leal asked him what he would do if – as everything indicated that it would happen – he won the jackpot,I would help my parents. And I would like to become independent. I love studying and I would save a lot to buy time to continue studying, “he advanced. “Its a lot of money. Oh my god. The question was: “It begins with H. Name of the Carthaginian military man of the 3rd century BC nicknamed ‘The Great’ and supporter of peace with Rome.” He let three turns go by, so that he could think through the answer. Another general crossed his mind. At the fourth, eleven seconds ahead, he blurted out. “Hiero.” There were a few seconds of silence. They became eternal. We wanted to hear a “yes.” But a disappointing ‘no’ sounded. The correct answer was “Hannon.”

A few minutes later, the program’s Twitter account posted a video in which the contestant explains his mistake, which is actually a small confusion that has had a great cost for him: “I thought I had it at the time. Hiero is also a character from that Punic War. In fact, he fought side by side with Hannon. But in the end one is from Carthage; another from Syracuse What can you do? In this way, what was going to be the first boat in ‘Pasapalabra’ since it began its new stage in Antena 3 was frustrated. The previous occasion was in January 2019, when Fran Gonzalez -in program 168- took 1,542,000 euros. So, to see the contest, you had to have Telecinco tuned in and the presenter was Christian Galvez. By the way, at that stage, a 19-year-old from Tenerife, named Pablo Díaz, participated in the program. Yes, the same one as today, at 24 years old (he met them on February 5), he has only one success to win a pot of 1,294,000 euros.

Your new challenge, During this long stay in ‘Pasapalabra’, Pablo Diaz has had a titans’ duel with Luis del Lama, a fight that reaped audience records and is the most repeated duel in the history of the program (84 times). It is not the only top that Tenerife has beaten in this last step through space, which will now continue, it also holds the records for the most programs of a single batch (171, current) or the one for the most seconds to solve ‘El Rosco’ ( 185). Today, in the brief initial presentation, he commented that he had set a new challenge, to beat the number of total participations, which Jero has with 252. He would have liked to stay at 221 (it is what he adds up to today between his three stays) and take the boat, but a Carthaginian soldier crossed his path.