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Handmaid’s Tale the results of the Handmaid’s Tale’s season 4 climax have made the long term of Serena Waterford unsettled.

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The possibility of what could happen to Serena Joy Waterford within the Handmaid’s Tale, as Commander Fred Waterford is dead now, maybe a big mystery. within the penultimate episode of season 4 Progress, Fred decides to betray Gilead in exchange for his freedom. But it doesn’t go needless to say because June Osborne together with her influence on each side of the border sets a trap for Fred, which eventually got Fred to be killed by June, Emily, and other Handmaids. The question of what is going to happen to Serena and her unborn son as Fred is dead now’s still lingering among the fans.

Even though Serena would be welcomed as a hero back in Gilead, she can’t return to Gilead without Fred despite Naomi Putman’s assurance. She was pretty sure that without Fred’s protection, her son would be removed and she or he may end in colonies or maybe be forced to become a Handmaid.

Strahovski’s interview including Elle about her role as Serena has admitted that her original faces many threats, particularly from June. The information that June was the one who split [Fred] apart, that’s the scary part for Serena. That’s the most important threat. And if she goes out into the important world and gets released, especially if she gets to stay her baby, that’s the part which will constantly have her living in fear.”

Handmaid’s Tale: what’s the worth Serena has got to buy the death of Fred?

Handmaid’s Tale

Without the defense of Fred, Serena might be delivered to trial and her freedom may look far away from guaranteed. Not in behavior, if Serena agrees to talk out all the Gilead’s dirty linen, of the wife of Commander’s attention, she will still describe herself as an asset. Serena has also accumulated some supporters in Canada through her effective PR campaign who wants to ascertain Serena free. Serena, even further, grows as a compassionate character among her friends as she may be a widow presently. However, trouble-free life isn’t a course of the trial for Serena.

Serena becoming a Handmaid is that the best-suited ending for that character, Strahovski told Elle, despite the very fact it might be the foremost expected outcome. June now can create something worse like separating Serena from her child, by either the legal ways or maybe by the vigilante method as she has done before.

As the fans want Serena to suffer, the foremost suitable way is to try to do that through her child. Serena was once a frightening adversary, she would be even more daunting when it involves her child. Serena is now plotting for June the maximum amount as June plotting for Serena in Handmaid’s Tale season 5 and their relationship may become even more complex, tells the showrunner, Bruce Miller.

There’s such simple toe-to-toe, woman-to-woman venom, but additionally, what’s the relationship between two women where one killed the other’s abuser? Miller asked. Season 5 finally involves some extent where one questions what price Serena is willing to buy her Motherhood?