Haikyuu!! Season 5

There are speculations about Haikyuu!! upcoming season! The internet is abuzz about Season 5. Many Haikyuu!! fans believe the fifth season is coming soon! Season 4 took less time than Season 5. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the fourth season was delayed. Haikyuu!! Season 4 Episode 25 was released on December 19, 2020.

Yoshiki Kobayashi, a Japanese music producer, informed fans that the Haikyuu was in production at the end of June 2020. Season 5 had already begun. It is currently not confirmed, but it seems likely that there will be a delay because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Haikyuu! Haruichi Furudate wrote and illustrated Japanese manga. It is the story of Shoyo Hirata, a small boy who dreams to be a great volleyball player.

Haikyuu!! Season 5

Haikyuu! Season 5 may focus on a new plot related to the previous seasons or Season 4. The upcoming season could focus on the match between Nekoma High and Karasuno High.

Haikyuu! Season 5 would show how Hinata learns Volleyball at Karasuno High School and qualifies for nationals. Season 4 ended with Hinata looking distraught and out of control after he missed the chance to score a point in the match. Tobio Kageyama warns Hinata that he will not set the ball for him next time if he misses the opportunity again in a match.

Reddit user predicts that “Make season 5 of the Nekoma match, but a shorter one.” This match could have 9 episodes. They could add the Mujinazaka/Fukurodani Match at the End to increase the episode count to around 11-12.

There are still enough material to make another season. There may be a sixth season.