Guitar Hero for PC | An Absolute Guide for GH 1, 2 & 3


The Guitar Hero series for PC furnishes you with a real-time Guitar playing experience. You can play some astounding melodies using an actual Guitar-like peripheral game controller. The entire Guitar Hero series is developed by Harmonix, Neversoft, and Budcat creations. In this script, I am going to demonstrate a complete solution that will guide you to play Guitar Hero for PC. The developer presents you, a wide range of heavy metal music that aids in strengthening your Guitar playing skills. RedOctane first published it in the year 2005. 

Guitar Hero for PC

Guitar Hero for PC was published, taking inspiration from Konami’s Guitar freaks arcade game. In this astounding gaming application, you are provided with several customizations that let you ace your musical clout. Some of which are bass, rhythm, and Lead Guitar. The Guitar Hero for PC comes with a Gibson Guitar like a gamepad, which consists of frets and a strum bar and looks more like an original Guitar. Let us now move further to the main subject and hit all your queries.

Guitar Hero for PC

In Guitar Hero, one needs to amuse the audience by exhibiting musical skills on the Gibson Guitar or the gaming console. The performance is judged by the rock meter, and points are awarded accordingly. So as the song begins, colored gems come down on the screen, which matches the color of the frets. These gems specify notes which need to be matched with the corresponding frets to play the desired music. 

A guy playing guitar hero on PC

Different types of score multipliers are present in a Guitar Hero that lets you boost your score. One of them is the star meter. It is activated either by coordinating the correct notes for a longer duration or striking the whammy bar under certain stressed notes.

Different Modes of the Melody Game 

Guitar Hero for PC is a single as well as a multiplayer rhythm game. It comprises three modes.

  1. Career mode 
  2. Community mode 
  3. Competitive mode 

In career mode, the single-player can customize the game accordingly. The player can choose the song, the avatar, the site for performance, and adjust the difficulty level.

Both community and competitive modes are multiplayer approaches. In community mode, all the participants are the main performers. They collaborate on the same song and aim towards a high score together, whereas, in the competitive mode, it is more like a face-off. 

Participants challenge and perform on the different stanzas of the same song in their entirely different manner. The one who has the best rock meter score wins it. 

Evolution of Guitar Hero for PC 

Below are the series of Guitar Hero by RedOctane in the ascending order of their release date: 

  1. Guitar Hero 
  2. Guitar Hero 2 
  3. Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock
  4. Guitar Hero world tour 
  5. Guitar Hero 5
  6. Guitar Hero Warriors of rock 
  7. Guitar Hero live 
  8. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith 
  9. Guitar Hero Metallica 
  10. Guitar Hero smash hits 
  11. Guitar Hero on tour 
  12. Guitar Hero on tour: decades 
  13. Guitar Hero 3 mobile 
  14. Guitar Hero: backstage pass 
  15. Guitar world tour mobile 
  16. Guitar Hero 5 mobile 
  17. Guitar Hero arcade 
  18. Guitar Hero (iOS) 
  19. Guitar Hero carabiner 

The first two games of the series, i.e., Guitar Hero and Guitar  Hero 2, were available only for the gaming console PS 2. Later on, Guitar  Hero3 onwards all the versions of the game we’re accessible through PS 3 also. 

The later versions in the list, including Guitar Hero3 for mobile and Guitar  Herobackstage pass, etc. are available for mobile also.

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How to Get Guitar Hero for PC?

Here, we present you a manual regarding different methods and step by step methods to install Guitar Hero for your PC.

Guitar Hero for PC direct install-

Step 1: Download Guitar  Hero for your PC using this link


Step 2: Create an empty folder on your computer. 

Step 3: Now, extract the Guitar  Hero file in the folder created. 

Step 4: Open the folder, click and open the Guitar Hero menu. 

Step 5: On the Guitar Hero menu, click the install game. 

Step 6: Once the installation is finished, patch the files using Patch V.1.3 on the same palette. 

Step 7: Once patched, click no CD crack and agree to the terms and conditions.

Now visit setup and customize the game accordingly. Your Guitar Hero 3 is now ready to play. 

Guitar Hero for PC install using BlueStacks. 


BlueStacks is a Microsoft & Mac software that can be downloaded to construct an Android-like operating system. The emulator aids users to download Android applications for their PC. 

How to Download Guitar Hero for PC using BlueStacks? 

Step 1: Download and install the BlueStacks using the link to its website. 

Step 2: Now, launch the BlueStacks app on your PC and signup using your Gmail account id and password. 

Step 3: Once completed the signup process, using your web browser, download the newest Guitar  Heroapk. 

Step 4: Create an empty folder on your PC and extract the Guitar Hero apk into it.

Step 5: forthwith, open the folder and right-click the apk. Open it with the BlueStacks emulator.

Step 6: Now, click install, and the Guitar Hero app gets installed on your emulator.

Step 7: Launch the app from the bluestacks emulator. 

Your application is now ready with all the improved attributes. 


In this article, I have presented you with the step by step approach to install Guitar Hero for PC. Guitar Hero 3 is an amusing and recreational rhythm-based gaming application. I hope this manual helps you to successfully install the app for your PC along with the advanced features, using the bluestacks emulator. 

In case of any queries or suggestions regarding the article, feel free to write in the comments, and I will respond to them as soon as possible. Also, share this article with your folks. So, you all can have a great time on this melodious gaming application.