After the broadcast, last night of ‘No Time for Despair’ (17×06), Grey’s Anatomy says goodbye until next year. With the necessary delay due to the stoppage of the industry due to Covid-19, the seventeenth season of medical fiction premiered later than usual last November, thus, the usual winter break that usually coincides with Christmas is produced on this occasion when only six episodes of the current installment have been broadcast.

If you have already seen the episode you will be suffering for Meredith ( Ellen Pompeo ), of that there is no doubt. The doctor, who has spent the six chapters issued in a state of semi-consciousness of a certain gravity after having been infected with Coronavirus, starred in a last heroic moment in the episode, when, after hearing an alert from her room, she jumped out of bed to revive her a patient in critical condition. After being able to stabilize him, Mer collapsed completely and the truth is that his situation is worrying. “Her lungs are breaking,” announces Teddy Altman as Webber prepares to connect her to a respirator.

Who returns in the final episode? We didn’t want to play with your emotions, but this is not one of those characters that you are glad to see, but the organ dealer Opal ( Stephanie Kurtzuba ) who posed as a patient’s aunt to achieve her malevolent purposes in season 16. But hey, we can’t complain either, that this installment has brought Derek ( Patrick Dempsey ) and good old George O’Malley ( TR Knight ) back.

The good news is that there is a return date that we can mark on the calendar: March 4, 2021, the date on which ABC will broadcast the seventh episode of season 17.

Before then we hope to obtain more information about the plans of the chain for the series since it seems that ABC could have the intention that it was shorter than usual and could even be the last.