The Disorder you leave is the new Netflix miniseries that has already been available on the streaming platform since last December 11 and is the same one that is already giving something to talk about.

As of today, December 12, it is already in the first position of the most watched on Netflix followed by Gambit de Dama, having almost the level of success that Midas’s favorites had in its day. For this very reason, many might wonder if a second season would be considered.

its creator, Carlos Montero, wanted to explain why he decided to leave the miniseries with a closed ending, thus making it impossible to continue in a possible second installment:

The disorder you leave revolves around Raquel ( Inma Cuesta ) and Veruca ( Bárbara Lennie ), two teachers at a high school in a small Galician town where their lives will be in danger when they get involved in the secrets that many people have hidden for a long time. weather.

Going back to Meredith’s hallucinations, which brought back Patrick Dempsey as the late Derek Shepherd, and then TR Knight as the also late George O’Malley, Vernoff added that they have not currently signed up any other former Grey’s stars for sayings. cameos for now, but she would love to do it in the future. And for us to see it, for sure.