Four years ago the public saw the last episode of ” Gravity Falls ” with the end of season 2. Although the closing was perfect with a tailor-made conclusion to the story, since then its fans around the world have been asking for the renewal to a third season. But… will Disney hear the request?

Alex Hirsch’s animated series received much praise for its writing, humor, the enormous appeal of its characters. On the other hand, the so-called “little cartoon” has managed to attract a multi-generational audience, convincing both young and old. Gravity Falls also managed to win over critics, winning recognized awards, including a BAFTA.

The series was created for the Disney Channel and Disney HD, premiering in 2012 and running until 2016. Unlike other similar productions, ” Gravity Falls ” had a different approach. These were released when they were finished instead of being released immediately. The tone that set the story was an intelligent comedy immersed in a small town where mysteries were on demand.

This followed the adventures of the endearing Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel . Both were to spend the summer with their great-uncle in ” Gravity Falls “, a mysterious fictional town in Oregon, overrun with paranormal forces and creatures. Alex Hirsch , creator of the series, admitted that it was based on his own childhood and the experiences they imagined with his twin sister in real life.

Hirsch, who also voiced various characters in the American version of the series, admitted about it: “It’s over. This is 100% my pick, and it’s something I decided a long time ago. I always designed ‘ Gravity Falls ‘ to be a finite series about an epic summer, a series with a beginning, a middle and an end. There are so many shows that go on endlessly until they lose their original spark. ”

In this way Hirsch has already warned that a third season is not on the cards. Even so, the director and producer has signed a succulent contract with Netflix for multiple animation projects, so we will surely continue to hear about him. “Alex is an imaginative storyteller who has become a fresh new voice in animation thanks to his ideas,” said Cindy Holland of the great N. “We couldn’t be more excited to work with him as we continue to expand our animated slate of Adults.”