Isidro, Arturo, and Desiderio are three lifelong friends with very different lives: Isidro is a 60-year-old man married to Amalia and an unemployed salesman desperately looking for a new job while taking care of his grandchildren; Arturo is an eternal womanizer and famous writer of romantic novels in creative crisis whose daughter Violeta appears after 15 years with a baby, Marcela; and Desiderio is a 70-year-old widower of his wife Amparo and retired, whose son Carlos and his beloved daughter-in-law Lola are forced to move in with him after they both lose their home. After some unsuccessful job interviews, one day Isidro has an idea: create his own job in a kindergarten. In Abuelos, Isidro, Arturo and Desiderio will not only try to show that they are not useless.