Google has congratulated India by making a special doodle on the occasion of its 72nd Republic Day. The doodle has been shown by Mumbai artist Onkar Fondekar’s doodle and shows the honor of the day 72 years before the Indian Constitution came into force and India was officially declared a sovereign republic.

The doodle depicts India’s unity with diversity through this picture of Doodle, which depicts a man wearing a traditional Rajasthani dress, clicking a selfie on the phone. In this way, India is proud of its culture as well as being at the forefront of diversities and technology, it has been shown.

The artwork also includes a cricketer, a film director, a sitar player, a Bharatanatyam dancer. Musical instruments like dholak and sitar are some examples of the country’s rich heritage and among them is a majestic elephant with a mahout on it, which is the hallmark of our cultural heritage and the step forward.

Onkar Fondekar, who gave his artwork to today’s doodles about the country’s distinctive architectural styles on Doodle, said, “I feel fortunate today and I am very happy to see India on a global platform like Google Doodle I had the opportunity to paint. I have tried to say a lot about my country in the same picture at the same time and in this picture, I also got to see many things that I can show on a detailed canvas. ”

“I got inspiration from the people of India – culture, traditions, history, and architecture,” he said, adding that “I see this picture as unity in diversity of our country.”