Good Girls Season 5

It’s a terrible day for the Good Girls.

The fourth season of the show, which UK viewers can watch on Netflix is now in its home stretch. It will be it’s final.

Hendricks, the actor who plays Beth, wrote a tribute on social media to the fans, writing: “Well we gave it all. We did. We are grateful to all our fans for their passion and support throughout the years.

Whitman posted an Instagram story regretting the decision. It was such an honor to be Annie. I will always be grateful for your support. [O]K, I’m going to cry now.

Good Girls joins a growing number of NBC titles that have been cancelled. Manifest, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and Debris were all canceled this year. There will be many more cancellations in the future.

But why has Good Girls been dropped?

Retta retweeted a The Hollywood Reporter article in March. This was three weeks before the series’ fourth season premiere. Nielsen’s streaming ranking had indicated that the crime caper was the most-watched piece of content on Netflix in America.

It explained that, while on-air viewership was modest, Good Girls had made significant progress via “delayed watching and in-season streaming” on online platforms. This is not a new phenomenon. Traditional television has suffered greatly from the golden age of streaming.

Whitman made reference to the declining ratings of NBC in May, when she posted the following plea on Insta: “We would love very much not to be cancelled.” We’re on the bubble. This means that [NBC] is considering not bringing our back.

The average viewership for season two was 2.3 million. Season four saw a drop to 1.5 million. Although digital numbers may be good, they are not comforting for NBC’s advertising partners, who often decide what happens and lives.

Both the network and the studio had been looking to bring the series back for one season to “close the story”, but they were unable to make the financials work.

Netflix might take it on but that didn’t happen and Universal Television won’t be taking it to market. Good Girls has reached the end.