The OTT platform is set to release season 4 of the legal drama Goliath. Season four will conclude the series. The story centers on Billy Bob Thornton (a down-on-his-luck lawyer) who takes on a big corporation.

GoliathSeason 4. Release Date

Amazon Prime Video announced on Wednesday that Goliathseason fourth will air on the platform on September 24. Thornton’s Billy McBride (played by Thornton) returns to Big Law, after Patty Arianda (played by Nina Arianda), accepts a job with a prominent white-shoe legal firm in San Francisco. Together they attempt to destroy the opioid industry. Goliath also stars TaniaRaye and Julie Brister, Bruce Dern as well as Jena Malone, Jena Alone, Jena Martin, Jena Malone, Bruce Scott, Jena Morone, Jena Holocene, Jena Murray, and J.K. Simmons. Billy Bob Thornton was honored for his role in the television series drama, Billy McBride.

Goliath Season 4 Trailer.

The final episodes are just around the corner and there is no trailer. If you are looking for moving pictures of “Goliath Season 4”, you can find them here.

Goliath Season 4 Plot.

Billy McBride will be facing a final case. Lawrence Trilling, showrunner on Season 4 of Goliath, said that it deals with a global crisis that affects a whole generation.

Billy is suffering from chronic pain. Patty however can’t shake the feeling that she is being used. Your loyalty is going to be tested. You and your partner are on the brink of collapse. In a world in which anything can be purchased with money, justice is available, they must take on the risk of doing what is right.