God of War: Ragnarok was declared on September 16, 2020, and has not been heard from. At the time of its announcement, it was disclosed the God of War sequel could be published in 2021, but it appears that is getting more unlikely.

Some had speculated that God of War: Ragnarok would not see its first Release date as a result of a shortage of data revealed because of its announcement, also since Santa Monica Studio has not been in a position to provide much confirmation on if it had been coming later this season. Now, it is all but confirmed that the sport will not be publishing in 2021 following an insider from the games sector has teased it will not be coming this season.

Reputable journalist Jason Schreier struck the information on Twitter when asked if God of War: Ragnarok will be officially delayed. This came following the information which Horizon Forbidden West remains slated for this season, which was surrounded with a doubt of its 2021 Release date also, but it would appear that Guerrilla Studio is sticking to this date. Schreier reacted with the claim which Ragnarok was postponed months past, however, Sony has yet to make an official announcement. As of now, it is uncertain once the game will Release just, but it is likely going to overlook 2021 completely.

While not exactly astonishing, it is still somewhat disappointing to understand players will not get their hands on the God of War sequel rather yet. Nevertheless, this may also be for the enhancement of the general solution, and what might come from it’s a more elegant game. No matter Sony has lots of exclusives intended for its PlayStation 5 production, therefore a deficiency of exclusives is not a problem that PS players will be confronting anytime soon. Sony will probably cite that the delay in the forthcoming months. It would look more likely today that God of War: Ragnarok will observe a 2022 Release date, providing the programmers plenty long, but also spreads the exclusive games which are coming out to the PS5.

Details about God of War: Ragnarok is incredibly scarce at this time, which is clear, since the sport is still in evolution, and Game Director Cory Barlog has been quite careful to not disclose anything. But if God of War was some sign, players can look forward to an exciting story full of twists and turns, a lot of activity, and one which will take players on a psychological journey.