With an opening season of God Eater receive great response from the viewers. Also fans are left with question whether season 2 will come or not. Also fans are eagerly waiting to see whether the battle against Aragami continue in season 2 or not.

More About

The God Eater is mainly an anime series base on video game franchise publish by Bandai Namco. Thus the combine anime TV series game gave an apocarps future, featuring man eating creature known as Aragami. Though Aragami seems to drive the humanity to the point of extinction. These creation of monsters cant not killed by weapons, thus an organization called Fenrir create weapons called God Arcs, which can be use to stop them.

Before the creation of anime TV series game God Eater, the original game was release on PlayStation since 2010. Later on to celebrate the fifth anniversary of video game franchise, anime was create. The anime TV series game is well praise for its beautification and unique art style. In fact the show also have to face criticism for long delay in production.


Confirmation Of Season 2

Since season one of God Eater, the  show have receive criticism for costly production causing viewer loosing interest. Then also fan are hopeful for God Eater season 2, which currently is maintaining distance from the update information about the show air date.


The season 2 of God Eater will star Lenka Utsugi as the new lead character. In fact following to it Lindow and Shio, where Lindow will loose his arms while the battle against Aragami. It is also mention that along with Lindow and shio other character are also expecte to come back.