Gibraltar’s Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, has personally written to Interior Secretary Priti Patel warning that the Rock is not willing to temporarily host illegal immigrants pending expatriation or asylum. According to several British media, Patel is studying radical measures such as sending immigrants to Gibraltar and the Isle of Man in the face of the avalanche of illegal immigrants who have crossed the English Channel (8,420 last year, more than 800 in the past). from 2021).

The news has not been officially confirmed or denied. In the letter addressed to the Home Secretary and revealed by The Daily Mail, Picardo himself expressly admits that this matter has not been discussed with me at any level. Just in case, Gibraltar’s Chief Minister warns Had I discussed it, I would have made it clear that this is a matter where we cannot assist the UK.

In his letter, Picardo expressly asks Patel to confirm that the information about the alleged sending of illegal immigrants to Gibraltar and Man is unsubstantiated speculation. The chief minister assures that there are legal and constitutional issues that would make it impossible to receive immigrants pending asylum, in addition to the well-known geographical limitations of the territory.

Howard Quayle, Chief Minister of the Isle of Man, sarcastically warns that the news sounds more like an April Fool’s joke, comparing it to reports of the construction of an alleged tunnel or bridge over the Irish Sea.

A Downing Street spokesman reported that the Government is studying how to solve the problems posed by asylum applications and create a firm but fair system to respond to the flood of immigrants illegally crossing the English Channel (and currently distributed in centers located in the vicinity of Dover and Wales). When asked about the possibility of opening reception centers in overseas territories, the aforementioned spokesman simply warned that there will be information on the Government’s plans in the coming weeks.