The new “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III” game drops this November 10th! Many fans are excited. From Sledgehammer Games and Activision, it is a first-person shooter video game that stands as the 20th game in the “Call of Duty” series and the third entry in the rebooted sub-series of “Modern Warfare.” And here’s another good news. If you pre-ordered this game last November 2nd, you are entitled to access its story campaign. Amazing, right?

The direct sequel to the record-breaking and critically-acclaimed “Modern Warfare II,” this “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III game features Captain Price and Task Force 141 facing off versus a formidable threat. And not just that. The ultranationalist war criminal Vladimir Makarov attempts to bring the world into his hands, prompting Task Force 141 to go all-out. Moreover, this game also features a multiplayer mode, which includes all 16 base maps from the remastered version of the second installment, with new maps launching soon, too.

In this article, you are going to learn about all the COD MW3 camos leaked so far. Now, these details shall offer you big help, especially if you want to buy MW 3 camo.

First, What Are Mastery MW3 Camos?

A new “Call of Duty” game in the form of “Modern Warfare III” is about to make it to the world of gaming. That also means curiosities if the Mastery camo system from the game’s predecessor will make it to the actual game. Right now, there are no official details yet regarding what camos will be included in the game, as well as the challenges you must accomplish to unlock these camos, other than leaks revealed about them. Perhaps you will have to really wait for the

game’s official release a few weeks from now.

The second installment introduced gamers to a brand-new camo system that allowed them to grind weapon camos passively since the challenges were streamlined in a more unique way than before. Specifically, these gamers were required to unlock four camo challenges for a singular weapon prior to unlocking the gold challenge for that similar weapon. Then, those four initial camos became available for use on the rest of the weapons in the game. Players saw the Platinum camo immediately obtainable for a weapon as soon as they had Gold unlocked, not needing to acquire Gold on an entire weapon category as seen in previous games.

In addition, Orion and Polyatomic were the two other Mastery camos made available for all weapons in “MW2.” Players needed to unlock Platinum on a single weapon before accessing its Polyatomic challenge, as well as acquire 51 Polyatomic weapon camos before they were given instant access to Orion. But, to obtain a Platinum weapon, it is required that you get your Gold weapon first. Moreover, instead of being weapon-class-oriented, the camo system then was weapon-oriented, which is believed to be what gamers will see in “Modern Warfare III.”

So, what are Mastery camos, then? These Mastery camos pertain to special skins for weapons in “Modern Warfare III” unlockable by accomplishing challenges. Presuming that “MW3” follows a similar format as “Modern Warfare II,” these Mastery camos will be designed to flaunt a player’s skill with a particular gun or class, earned as they unlock the rest of the other camos for a weapon.

For instance, in “MW2,” players who unlocked every Base camo with a gun and completed one last challenge earned the Gold camo. Then, those who unlocked Gold on a predetermined number of weapons in the similar category obtained Platinum. While the exact process to grind Mastery camos in “MW3” is yet to be revealed, again, gaming experts believe it will follow the same format as the previous titles.

All Mastery Camos Leaked So Far

Mastery camos are the perfect way to show off your skills in “Call of Duty.” So far, there are 12 Mastery camos for “MW3” revealed as leaks. They came out during the beta period after creators got the opportunity to play the game early at the recently-concluded COD Next event, with some leakers like ModernWarzone, a streamer and gaming news provider, stumbling upon the camos hidden in the Emblems menu.

These 12 Mastery camos revealed so far are:

  • Arachnida
  • Bioluminescent
  • Borealis
  • Gold
  • Golden Enigma
  • Golden Ivory
  • Orion
  • Platinum
  • Polyatomic
  • Serpentinite
  • Spinel Husk
  • Zircon Scale

As you can see, these 12 Mastery camos are a significant increase from the usual four. However, note that speculations say not every camo is obtainable through multiplayer or can be applied to all weapons in the game.

Leakers also claim that four will be for “MW3” guns, four for “MW2” guns that have carried over, and four more will be earned via Zombies. It is obvious here that several camos are available because of the incoming Zombie mode. You can obtain more of them from there.

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In several ways, the camo leveling system mirrors the path gamers should tread before they successfully acquire Mastery camos. Unlocking camos in “MW3” is just as tedious as the process in “MW2” and even more arduous than in previous “Call of Duty” games. For one, here’s what it takes to acquire the Orion skin:

  • Accomplish the base camo challenges for every weapon.
  • Unlock Gold camos for each firearm.
  • Obtain 51 Platinum camos.
  • Acquire 51 Polyatomic skins to get access to the Orion camo.

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Wrapping Up

To conclude, those are every bit of information there is to learn about all the Mastery camos coming to “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.”

Undoubtedly, the future of camo grinding for “MW3” is looking brighter than ever! Looking at their names alone, such as Arachnida, you can say they are pretty cool.

However, remember that there has yet to be an official confirmation on how exactly you can earn these in the game. The details you learned above are a good way to start.