His fateful experience in “Batman and Robin” spoke for him, but the actor also put himself under Zack Snyder’s orders.

With the two decades that have passed since Batman and Robin, anyone would say that there is little point in continuing to make blood with her (it is what it is, and the more time passes the closer it is to become a cult film), but George Clooney is promoting Midnight Sky, which he has directed and starred in, and still has things to say. Thus, in addition to presenting this film, Clooney has been able to assess Tom Cruise’s famous outburst during the filming of Mission Impossible 7, and remember how his experience was in this Joel Schumacher film released in 1999.

And it was not good, of course. In the Howard Stern show, Clooney has assured that “it is so bad that it causes physical pain to see it. It hurts physically, ”and revealed that at one point she even tried to dissuade her partner Ben Affleck from playing Batman. The suffering of having participated in Batman and Robin (who received a critical beating but also raised 238 million dollars) spoke for him, but Affleck did not listen to him and also agreed to participate in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It would later be followed by Suicide Squad, Justice League, the latter’s Snyder Cut to be released in 2021, and a future appearance in The Flash.

“I have had failures and successes, although that does not mean that people always listen to me,” declared Clooney about Affleck’s decision to agree to be under Zack Snyder. “Ben didn’t listen to me and ended up doing a great job, which I was wrong about. But I can only advise from my experience. I just said ‘don’t put nipples on the suit,’ ”he continued, referring to the most ridiculed element of Batman and Robin, in the company of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s jokes or the plastic lips that Chris O’Donnell wore to fight Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman).

“The truth is that I was very bad at it,” concluded Clooney. Akiva Goldsman, who won the Oscar for A Beautiful Mind, wrote the script. And it was a terrible script (…) Joel Schumacher, who passed away recently, directed it and said ‘yes, it didn’t work’. We all smelled it ”. Schumacher passed away last summer, and he did so after having declared on more than one occasion that he regretted doing Batman and Robin.