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A phone tracker is a common application used by users worldwide. It helps users track mobile and application activity, allowing them more control of their digital experience. Therefore, phone tracker-free applications have become very popular lately.

In an era of digital fraud and limitless access to the world wide web, it is essential to know what’s happening with your device. 

How a Mobile Phone Tracker Can Help Control Phone Activity

A mobile phone tracker is an excellent way to improve users’ understanding of their mobile usage and protect data. It uses GPS tracking to perform some of the following functions:

  • Identify the user’s locations
  • Trace and record incoming calls and text messages
  • Trace and record incoming and outgoing text messages
  • Track social media activity
  • Record Contacts
  • Access emergency services

Many employers use phone tracker free applications to monitor their workplace activity on mobile devices to avoid legal trouble. Parents have also begun to use phone tracker apps, like Hoverwatch, to monitor the safety of their children’s phone usage.

The recorded data is downloadable so that users can access them anytime from a remote location.

Hoverwatch Phone Tracker For Android Devices

Hoverwatch is a downloadable application that allows users to monitor various information. Unlike other complicated phone tracker applications, it is easy to use and allows users to view phone activity in real-time. 

The application is popular for anonymously recording location, internet history, text messages, and sim card changes. It also has an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require technical expertise. 

Main Features of Hoverwatch That Are Useful For Control

The Hoverwatch is an excellent phone tracker. Some of its main features are as follows:

Invisible Monitoring

This phone tracking application is popular for its spy mode. This allows users to track targeted devices anonymously without alerting the owner. It records almost everything in stealth mode.

The Dashboard

The phone tracker application has a user-friendly dashboard that allows users to access all features from one place. The Dashboard is also customizable; users can add Reports, Calendars, Contacts, and more.

Simple Interface

The application has a simple interface making it easy to use. The tabs list all phone activity according to chronological order. All information about the target device is easily accessible in one place.

Monitor Contact List

Phone tracker Hoverwatch monitors the targeted device’s contacts. It allows the user to see who the device owner is interacting with. This is an excellent feature for parents who have young children and for employers.

Monitor Phone Status

One of Hoverwatch’s best features is allowing users to view the targeted device and monitor critical activity like sim changes. This is especially helpful for surveillance reasons and to screen unauthorized activity.

Monitor Phone Calls

Phone calls can get tricky, and with phone tracker free applications, users can monitor calls made or received on target devices. The feature also displays the name, number, duration, time, and date and also makes an audio recording.

Screen Text Messages

Hoverwatch allows users to screen SMS texts on their devices. The phone tracker free trial monitors incoming and outgoing texts; alongside, it saves the actual text message and records the date, time, and category of the text message.

Remote Monitoring

This phone tracker free application allows users to monitor their target devices from any location in the world. It also allows users to make changes to over 20 features remotely. Users can also turn the monitoring feature on and off remotely.

What You Need to Know to Install Hoverwatch

Using phone trackers like Hoverwatch is easy. The phone tracker requires a few simple steps to set up:

  1. Create an account on the official website of Hoverwatch.com and get access to the control panel.
  2. Download the application on the targeted device (e.g., phone or tablet) and your PC.
  3. Open the application and follow the set-up instructions.
  4. Add the devices to your Dashboard.

However, before you run a phone tracker free application, ensure that:

  • You have access to the target device
  • Your device and PC are compatible with the application
  • Your internet connection is active

Some users reported running into trouble when attempting to download Hoverwatch. It’s important to know that software incompatibility, weak internet connection, and noncompliance with set-up instructions could be the reason behind a failed installation.

If your first attempt is unsuccessful, check the items above and download the application from the website. Then, you can follow the set-up instructions to run the application on your desired devices.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Tracker Free Applications

There are various pros and cons of using phone trackers. Read on to know more.

Aids in Location Based Networking

Phone tracker free applications allow users to connect with those around them using social media or other location-based applications. It’s an excellent way for workplaces and entrepreneurs to build professional numbers.

Data Protection

A phone tracker free application serves multiple purposes. First, it not only tracks phone activity but also protects data on the device. This is a helpful feature for workplaces as it allows you to monitor employees’ phone activity.

Privacy Concerns

Using phone tracker-free applications can be tricky for privacy. A phone tracker stores sensitive details about the user’s activity. Unfortunately, that can be viewed as a severe breach of privacy if not consented to.

Enables Stalking Behavior

Stalking is a risk to an individual’s safety. Unfortunately, phone tracker-free applications allow those with malicious intent to access an individual’s whereabouts and private information.


You Can Find Your Targeted Device Anytime

Phone theft is a common, albeit troublesome, problem. However, if you have a phone tracker installed on your device, it may help you recover it sooner than you think. This feature also benefits parents trying to watch out for their kids. 


Phone trackers are essential in today’s time. These applications protect users from difficult situations and ensure the safeguarding of data. 

So, whether you are a concerned parent or an employer, investing in phone trackers is an excellent idea. Hoverwatch, for example, allows users to monitor up to five devices simultaneously.