Netflix has been the home of a lot of series not only original, but also created by other studios, but which were available through the streaming platform. This is the case of Friends, Gossip Girl and The Prince of Rap, productions that for many are television classics, although as of January 1, 2021 they will no longer be in the catalog of the great N.

“Thanks for all the laughs, gossip and coffee. I tried, friends. But we will only have the opportunity until December 31 to see The Prince of Rap, Gossip Girl and Friends on Netflix Latin America ”, was what the streaming service mentioned through a publication on its Twitter account, so if you are marathoning for the first or umpteenth time any of these titles you still have a week to enjoy them and also say goodbye to them for an indefinite time.

The departure of the three productions is probably due to the upcoming arrival of HBO Max in Mexico, a new streaming platform that will host a lot of content from Time Warner and all its companies, such as Warner Bros., Warner Channel, Cartoon Network, among some, so there are very high chances that Friends, The Prince of Rap and Gossip Girl are in the catalog of this service that will arrive in our country at some point in 2021.

Let’s not even forget that the reunion special of The Prince of Rap was broadcast exclusively on HBO Max, in addition to the fact that Friends will also have a new project in which the original cast will return to the satisfaction of the fans and will also be hosted on this service. . And let’s not forget Gossip Girl who will have a revival with Zión Moreno among the cast and even the first images were revealed and obviously it will also premiere through the aforementioned streaming route.

So with the variety of streaming services that are already on the market, everyone is grabbing their original productions to have them exclusively and thus attract the public, so the series of yesteryear will have to be monitoring to know where they are. Of course, don’t forget that the series premieres that will be on Netflix Mexico have already been announced, so from now on you can plan what will be the series marathons with which you start 2021.