25+ Free Crunchyroll Premium Accounts (Hourly Updated)


Crunchyroll is the favourite platform for all anime and manga lovers out there. You can watch and download endless anime and manga shows on Crunchyroll without much effort. Well, the sad part is Crunchyroll only offers paid subscriptions to users. But don’t worry we are here to help you out, in this blog post we have listed several methods by which you can get Free Crunchyroll premium accounts without paying a single penny.

Crunchyroll premium accounts

Over the past few years, the fanbase for anime and manga has increased drastically. Several online streaming platforms have started including anime content in a different category due to its fanbase. But Crunchyroll is one of the best online streaming platforms which is only dedicated to anime and manga. So if you are in search of something like this then you are at the right place.

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Free Crunchyroll Premium Accounts (Working)

Crunchyroll is an American streaming platform that is focused on anime and manga content. Most of the users are here because of the high subscription price of Crunchyroll premium membership. 

It offers membership in three plans:

Fan Monthly: 7.99$

Mega Fan Monthly:  9.99$

Mega Fan 1 Year: 79.99$

Methods to Get Crunchyroll Premium Account for Free

We have listed below three different methods you can follow to use Crunchyroll premium for free: 

Using 14 Days Crunchyroll Free Trial Premium Account

Crunchyroll has given users an option to try out its premium account for 14 days with every feature available to paid users for free. You can use the trial account to make your choice if you want to pay for a subscription or not. Follow the steps listed below to avail your 14 days trial period:

Step 1: Open the Crunchyroll official website in your web browser.

premium plans 

Step 2: Now click on “view premium plans” and it will take you to its catalog.

create account

Step 3: Now select “Start-14 Day Free trial’ on any plan you want to try and it will redirect you to create an account page.

account details

Step 4: Now after creating an account and verifying your email address you have to fill in your card details and billing address.

Step 5: After completion just click on “start free trial” and enjoy a free Crunchyroll premium account for 14 days.

NOTE: Make sure you cancel your subscription before the end of your 14 days trial period or else it will automatically deduct the membership fee from your card.

Free Crunchyroll Premium Account Using Cookies

You can use the Crunchyroll premium account by editing cookies on the Crunchyroll website. This will give you access to the full premium account without any username or password. We have provided links to working cookies you can use. Follow the steps listed below to edit cookies:

Crunchyroll cookies#1

Crunchyroll cookies#2

Crunchyroll cookies #3

Step 1: Open Google Chrome browser and go to Chrome web store.

google extension

Step 2: Search for the extension “Cookie-Editor” and add it to your browser.

cookie editor

Step 3: Now open the Official Crunchyroll website on chrome and click on the cookie editor extension.

delete cookies

Step 4: It will show you all the cookies of the Crunchyroll website, just delete them all.

edit cookies

Step 5: Now copy any of the cookies we provided and paste them in the import section and click on Import. 

import cookies

Now refresh the page and you will be logged into a premium account.

NOTE: Do not log out or change any account info like the user id and password of the account, it will automatically log out and you will have to repeat the same process again if you do so.

Using Free Crunchyroll Premium Accounts (September 2021)

We have provided the user id and password of more than 50+ accounts. You can use these till they are valid and we’ll update them regularly for you to enjoy Crunchyroll without any interruption. Below is the list of Crunchyroll premium account usernames and passwords 2021:


Username Password
camhall61@hotmail.com a22m23y7
arp314@yahoo.com anatnt719
heidi.wildstein@gmail.com 135hitch
fitzgerjean@gmail.com bat22171
kcjones76@gmail.com mycr8box
briadele21@gmail.com queenb
jbf@jbf.com jack31
zam2jama@gmail.com malyuun12
jasmineukoh@gmail.com jasmine345
silvia.bovo2000@gmail.com albert97
aminaisobelx@gmail.com Angel4LIFE
fayt.leingod@hotmail.com 3317124
constantin_clenciu@yahoo.com jiangwan
gary.rivera653@gmail.com Gabby653
ruya.ak40@gmail.com kayhan21
sencrp@gmail.com kavithai
spaceliang@gmail.com rh7558
delia.couto@gmail.com satoshikon
zachwolf687@yahoo.com Sam033199


dancingflame@charter.net 671992
gabriellewhite@bellsouth.net sadie1098
Generalmaximus4@aol.com maximumride1
geoffgotell@aol.com drummerboy
h.kamalu@comcast.net ichiro525
bkimberli@gmail.com bradinalex1
youngbrent92@gmail.com bry640992
jakecarltaylor@gmail.com Raven7602
budgiebu@yahoo.com Aa123456
shimbokun@hotmail.com 556beda6
ddg123@comcast.net Darian14
maley.jared@gmail.com admn1342
blood_dragon14@hotmail.com huggies4ever
Tlousher@gmail.com Tlousher9
samrir451@gmail.com samr76@12
rojerwolf67@outlook.com 56rog#$er
dancingflame@yusof.net 5FNMJ3
white564@gmail.com 3C5HY3
maximus4@yopmail.com 93R9JY
geoff6100@aol.com G2NIST

Here are some more Crunchyroll free premium accounts that you can try:
































These were some of the Crunchyroll premium accounts that we found working. Do try them out and bookmark this page as we will update them from time to time. 

FAQ | Crunchyroll Premium Accounts 2021

How to Cancel Crunchyroll Free Premium Account Trial Subscription

To cancel your 14 days trial Crunchyroll account subscription follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Crunchyroll account.

Step 2: Go to the user profile and click on “Account settings”.

Step 3: Now click on the “Cancel membership” option under account settings and you’re done.

Can We Get a Crunchyroll Premium Account Without a Credit Card?

Yes, you can use a Crunchyroll gift card available on Amazon, eBay and other online stores. Just enter the redeem code and you are ready to go.

How to Watch Premium Content on Crunchyroll Without Paying?

You can follow the methods we have listed above to use Crunchyroll premium for free.


Crunchyroll is the best platform for anime lovers. With its wide variety of anime and manga shows divided into different genres you can watch and download your favourite anime shows easily. We have listed all the working methods and free Crunchyroll premium accounts in this blog post. If any of the mentioned accounts doesn’t work do let us know in the comment section we will update it.