• Fred Rosser believes that he has learned a lot from Randy Orton and that now he can be himself
  • Formerly known as Darren Young, Rosser talks about the classes he received from Vince McMahon

NJPW Strong superstar  Fred Rosser, known to Darren Young from his stint in WWE, was recently interviewed on The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast. Among other things, Rosser spoke about what he learned from Vince McMahon’s promo classes and his current way of interpreting the world of wrestling. Here are the most prominent statements.

Now He Can Be Himself

“Well, one thing I learned from Vince McMahon when he was teaching promo classes a few years ago is that you always have to keep your arms up. This is Vince McMahon’s first rule. The second is never be afraid of making a fool of yourself. . He always told us. A few years ago, when I gave interviews like this, I tried to make my voice lower to sound more masculine. Now, I can be myself. ”

Randy Orton Is A Great Inspiration

“If I need to play a character as I did in the musical, I would do my best to make it as entertaining as possible. In New Japan, I take my time. When I’m in the ring, I take my time. I look like It was the black Randy Orton Nobody knows except me I take my time getting to the ring.

Randy Orton is a great inspiration to me. Now, I have put into practice everything I have learned, I have adapted it to my style and I am not afraid of looking weak, of making a fool of myself, or of looking what I am not.