The fourth Jonas Brothers is a TikTok star: users know more about Frankie than Nick, Joe, and Kevin, who is jokingly called “Frankie’s brothers”

If you are part of the older generation reading these words will shock you, but among the younger ones on TikTok, the Jonas Brothers are known only as “Frankie’s other brothers”. The fourth brother, Frankie Jonas, who never joined the group, quickly depopulated on the app, reaching 1 million followers, and not for his surname.

Frankie Jonas, known at the time as The Bonus Jonas, has come out of the shadow of his brothers, to overshadow them in turn in the ranks of younger TikTok users. Over the years, his playful soul has always joked about being the least famous of the four, but now, as the Jonas Brothers would say, “how the tables have turned”, or how things change!

From October to December, Frankie Jonas gained more and more followers, recently getting 1.4 million and 20 million likes. The video that made it viral represents the boy who reacts crying in the shower to a TikTok of another user, whose sisters are more famous than her, calling himself the “Frankie” of the family. The name Frankie has become so un’antonomasia, which people use to ascribe to themselves the characteristics for which the fourth Jonas has been famous for so long: to be the least known of his brothers.

But Frankie fans now, to avenge their new favorite, have invaded Nick and Joe Jonas’ TikToks, commenting funnily.