Actress Priyanka Chopra has made a successful journey from Bollywood to Hollywood due to her acting. He has won the hearts of all with his contribution to the world of cinema.

Four years ago, Priyanka was awarded the Padma Shri for her outstanding contribution to Cinema. The actress herself has remembered those beautiful moments of her life again. He has shared many photos on social media.

Priyanka is seen with her whole family in viral photos. In a photo, Priyanka is posing with Padmashree, so in a photo, her whole family looks very excited.

While remembering this beautiful moment, Priyanka has also written an emotional post. She is not only telling the meaning of this Padmashree, but she is also missing her father.

Priyanka writes – Recalling these moments many old things are coming out. This moment was very big for me personally, but I was glad to see my family feeling so proud.

In the post, Priyanka has written about every member of her family. From his mother to his father, he has written something special for everyone. But even in this beautiful moment, the actress is missing a lot of her father. She is missing him.

By the way, Priyanka Chopra has another good news for her fans. His new Hollywood film is going to be released very soon. The battle of superheroes vs aliens is going to be seen in the film.