Foundation Season 1
Foundation Season 1

The Foundation is a next American series of science fiction, based on Isaac Asimov’s influential 1951 novel trilogy. The making of the series, like all other facts because of the coronavirus situation, to continue in March 2020.

The book series is considered to be one of the best sci-fiction novels of all time. It had influenced numerous films and television series in the past. Apple Inc. and Apple TV shall broadcast and network the series. This large-scale spending change appears to guarantee a high room in the science fiction genre.

Foundation Season 1: Release Date

Apple has not yet confirmed the release date for Foundation Season 1. The one thing that we confirm is that it will debut as the official website reveals sometime in 2021. Apple TV+ can be watched by audiences around the world.

When the pandemic crisis took hold and resulted in a halt and a production delay, this film was in the pre-production stage. The recently started Apple TV+ subscription service spoils us with shows and episodes one by one. The series teaser trailer was released by Apple on 22 June 2020, and it’s awesome.

The Plot of Foundation Season 1

The official synopsis of Apple TV+ is like the Foundation chronicles a group of exiles on a monumental journey in the midst of the fall of the Galactic Empire to save humanity and to rebuild civilization.” The series’ plot revolves around Hari Seldon, a physicist whose efforts lead to the discovery of psychology, which is a scientific form that can forecast the future. Through establishing a colony called ‘Foundation.’ Hari is attempting to maintain all human information so that after the breakup of the Interstellar Empire the world will restart.

Foundation Season 1: Cast

According to IMDB, the cast of Foundation Season 1 is as follows:

  • Cassian Bilton … Brother Dawn
  • Laura Birn … Demerzel
  • Jared Harris … Hari Seldon
  • Leah Harvey … Salvor
  • Lou Llobell … Gaal
  • Terrence Mann … Brother Dusk
  • Lee Pace … Brother Day
  • Mido Hamada … Master Shadow Obrecht
  • Isaiah Joshua Chambers … Mystery Boy
  • Johanna O’Brien … Shivaughn
  • Geoffrey Cantor … Ambassador Thanwall
  • Brian F. Mulvey … Travik
  • Cooper Carter … Young Dawn
  • Abdul Alshareef … Comms Tech
  • Orion Ben … Pistis and many more…

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