Fortnite season 7

FORTNITE players get mysterious clues when approaching Marigold as certain characters during the recently established Season 7.

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Fortnite developer Epic Games might be planning a Season 7 occasion, after all.

In-game occasions have become a convention in Fortnite, where Epic typically moves the narrative together with a glorious gameplay situation.

These in-game events typically take place as just one season adjustments to another, although the prior occasion unlocked as players logged in at the beginning of the season.

Unusually, but together with all the new season underway, there is no indication of a Season 7 occasion in Fortnite.

There is a habitual cutscene to instruction at the beginning of the new year, but nothing gameplay associated.

As some enthusiasts have spotted, you will find hints that an event could nevertheless occur, maybe as soon as this week.

Fortnite season 7

Anyone who pays Marigold a trip is going to be treated to some interesting dialog that seemingly hints at some kind of occasion.

When you visit Marigold she states this 1 step nearer to the replies, reads an HYPEX tweet.

Also if you sense her Jules she says stick to the program! And if you visit her Midas she says It is happening shortly.

If you would like to watch it firsthand, Marigold could be discovered in Lazy Lake. It is indicated on the map below.

Exactly what’s happening shortly remains to be seen, but there is a chance it may involve an in-game occasion.

The newest season revolves around the alien invasion, as beings from another world trying to take over the island.

Included in this Battle Pass, enthusiasts will have the ability to unlock Superman, Rick of Rick and Morty celebrity, and also a customizable alien trooper.

However, Doctor Slone seems to be the star of this series and could be located in the middle of the map.

In terms of Season 7, fresh map points of interest include Believer Beach, in addition to Corny Sophisticated.

Eagle-eyed lovers will see that The Spire has vanished from the map, which ties into the narrative.

Other new features include UFOs, which are obtained to rate across the map and from danger.

There is also a brand-new weapon, which allows players to fling items across the map.