It seems that Epic Games does not tire of satisfying the different segments of its audience and in recent weeks it has not stopped presenting skins of all kinds, with some of the most famous popular trends of the last decades. Predator, The Mandalorian, or TheGrefg are simply noticed for what is being prepared in Fortnite. This time it was the turn of the Terminator saga, which will provide the skins of Sarah Connor and the T-800.

Obviously, it was the presentation of TheGrefg cosmetic that attracted all eyes, registering historical records on a platform as competitive as Twitch. But it should not, in any case overshadow the rest of the skins as aided as they are spectacular on the island of Fortnite, the most famous in the industry.

How to get the Sarah Connor skins and the T-800

Under the motto Join the hunt, Fortnite has been in charge of carrying out the pertinent promotion of both skins, set in the Terminator universe, whose filmographic saga began in 1985. Since then, several sequels have been made with main characters such as John Connor, Kyle Reese, Miles Dyson, or Sarah Connor herself.

As usual in this type of release, the skins of Sarah Connor and the T-800 can only be obtained in the Fortnite store. At the moment there is no challenge or mission that allows us to enjoy the appearance of a Terminator T-800, probably the most recognizable version of the saga at a popular level.

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Sarah Connor’s outfit has a cost of 1,800 V-Bucks (the currency implemented by Epic Games for the battle royale) in the Fornite store, while the T-800 will cost us 1,500. In addition, we can combine these skins with additional elements of the characters, such as the Cyberdyne Salute or the Techno-grip Ax.