Lord is going to present 17 electrified models to a greater or lesser extent this 2021 from 48V versions to pure electric and the first to be revealed is the hybrid S-Max and Galaxy, which are already being assembled at the Valencian plant in Almussafes.In this case, it is a question of self-recharging hybrid variants.

whose electric motor is limited to being a support for the thermal but it avoids us having to look for electric recharging points and carry cables for it. Both one and the other equip a 2.5 gasoline engine, to which is added said electric motor, a 1.1 kWh battery, and a latest-generation gearbox that in the oval firm they have called Power-Split.

The brand’s engineers have made the battery, located under the boot floor very compact. And this is due to its liquid cooling system, which allows its 60 cells to be very close together without causing a loss of efficiency and without having to resort to a cooling fan, which would be noticeable in the form of noise inside the cabin.

Of course, both models use regenerative braking, which makes it possible to recover up to 90% of the energy produced by braking. This energy is used to help the gasoline engine, but it also helps the S-Max and Galaxy start in electric mode and that both models operate 100% electrically in short and specific moments.

With the combination of both propellants the power rises to 190 CV which in the case of the S-Max allows a step from 0 to 100 in 9.8 seconds and leaves the official average consumption at 6.4 l / 100 km, with emissions of CO2 of 146-147 g / km, while in the Galaxy these figures remain at 10.0 s, 6.4-6.5 l / 100 km and 148-149 g / km of CO2. The aforementioned Power-Split transmission is operated by a selector wheel located at the bottom of the center console and includes a simulated shift function that adjusts the engine revolutions to the speed of the car.

Regarding the load capacity, the S-Max allows to load objects of almost a meter in height and more than a meter in width in the space between the rear wheels offers 285 liters of capacity with the seven seats unfolded and cubes up to 2,200 liters if we fold down the central and rear row which we can do from the trunk thanks to the Easy-Fold system. For its part, in the Galaxy, the figure with all the seats raised is 300 liters while folding second and third-row we are left with 2,339 liters of capacity.

In terms of technology, there is a 10 instrument screen from which we can control both the Brake Coach, which teaches us to break in the best way to return more energy to the battery and the EV Coach, which shows us in real-time when we are operating in thermal, electric or combined mode.

Thanks to the FordPass Connect modem standard we can connect up to 10 devices inside and have Live Traffic updates for the navigator, and through FordPass Connect we can unlock the doors remotely know where we have parked the car, and check its status from our mobile through the FordPass application.

For the rest, the S-Max Hybrid Vignale features the heated cooled 10-way adjustable, and massage front seats, and both these and the 18-way adjustable ones that offer the Trend and Titanium finishes have the German approval of the Campaign for Healthier Backs. Prices for the S-Max Hybrid start at 40,838 euros while those of the Galaxy with this same engine start at 47,338 euros.