WWE has passed a new year, a very difficult year for many companies, but it is still clear that something is happening on television. WWE is unable to reverse the negative trend of its audience numbers, especially on Mondays with Monday Night Raw, and some media point out the management of Vince McMahon as the main problem for that to change.

Alfred Konuwa of Forbes has published an article strengthening this theory. In this news, we will publish a transcription of the most outstanding texts. “Will Bruce Prichard be the latest scapegoat in another cataclysmic Raw rating cycle like Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman before him?” Konuwa wondered. “None of that matters. Literally, none of that matters, as long as the ball stops with WWE President Vince McMahon.”

“Vince McMahon, the one constant from a senile era plagued by bad WWE programming, ” he continued. “It has been the common denominator amid the firings of multiple former WWE Raw frontmen. This pattern has been nothing more than a public stance; a stance that is only designed to placate investors, as most of the key indicators WWE performance continues to decline. ”

The key: the departure of Michelle Wilson and George Barrios

“McMahon was at the helm of the stunning layoffs of former Co-Presidents George Barrios and Michelle Wilson, who were instrumental in negotiating WWE’s record-setting television deals with Fox and USA Network. WWE’s billion-dollar television deals remain one of the few bright spots for a rapidly declining professional wrestling dynasty. Barrios and Wilson’s sudden departures resulted in a 20% decline in WWE’s stock price, which was once solid and reached a maximum of more than 100 dollars in 2019.

“As WWE seeks answers in times of incompetent leadership and poor storytelling, history suggests that there will be no long-term solutions to WWE’s audience problems while Vince McMahon is in charge .”

“The initial pitch of Lars Sullivan, Lacey Evans, EC3, Heavy Machinery, and Nikki Cross came and had little to no impact. With only one championship between the six fighters, the only notable success story was Otis from Heavy Machinery. “Otis has been a victim of Vince McMahon’s well-known regret tendencies. These tendencies have been the central Achilles heel that continues to plague the entire WWE product.”

“The fact that Vince McMahon did not commit to a star of the future, combined with the nonsensical storytelling of WWE, has become the company’s calling card. Now it has reached the point that even its most die-hard viewers are disconnect from Raw, which is approaching the 1.5 million viewer range, a number that was unfathomable just a year ago. ”

“With all this, from Goldberg to CM Punk, it has been speculated as possible WWE reactions. Maybe the McMahons will appear on television next Monday and quadruple Brother Love in another live professional performance designed to pass the buck.”

Forced to rethink his entire live events model as his clientele continues to decline, the root of WWE’s prolonged downfall has been blatantly obvious for years. McMahon’s ability to stubbornly remain in power will remain the biggest advantage of AEW on WWE as the upstart promotion continues to rise.”