Wolves, Ep. Theo Walcott’s first goal from Southampton in almost 15 years helped the team hold the Wolves 1–1 up in the English Premier League (EPL). The forward, who came from Everton to Southampton, scored the team’s first goal since January 2006. He scored in the 58th minute. Walcott first joined Southampton in 2006. Substitute Pedro Neto, however, equaled the Wolves in the 75th minute, hitting Raoul Jimenez’s post and converting the returned shot into goal. With this draw Southampton also missed a chance to finish fourth in the points table and the team retained fifth place. The Wolves’ team finished in ninth place.

Athletic Bilbao defeated Real Betis

Madrid Athletic Bilbao registered a 4–0 unilateral win against Real Betis in the Spanish Football League La Liga. The athletic goal opened up in the ninth minute when Victor Ruiz scored a suicide goal. Ander Kappa put his team ahead 2–0 before the first half. The third goal from Athletic Bilbao was scored by Iker Munien in the 59th minute while Alex Berenguer scored another goal in the 68th minute to ensure the team’s 4–0 win. The win helped Athletic’s team to eighth place and take a lead of at least five points over the teams that slipped in the lower league.

Viewers will return to England stadiums

London. For the first time since March in the English Premier League, spectators will be allowed to visit the stadium next week. Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson is approving the return of spectators to the sports stadium under the corona virus-related restrictions on the end of the national lockdown on 2 December. However, in areas where the outbreak rate of the Kovid-19 infection is low and the stadiums there will initially have an acceptance of up to 4000 spectators and stadiums will have a maximum audience of 2000 at other venues. In the areas most prone to infection, fans will not be allowed to go to the stadium right now.

Eight new Corona cases: Eight players were found to be Corona positive after the 12th round of EPL testing. EPL issued a statement confirming this. The EPL said that between 16 and 22 November, 1530 players and club staff were corona tested. Players and staff who have been found positive have quarantined themselves for 10 days. A total of 76 cases were confirmed after 12 rounds of testing so far.