Fixed Router VS Plunge Based Router | An Unbiased Report!


Woodworking is a very precarious job. Any inadequate slip and the entire valuable material is a waste. For precise and skilled cuts and joiner, a tools man needs to have dependable instruments on him. And for the same, this article on wood routers is developed. Starting on with this Fixed Router VS Plunge Based Router article, know that it’s a wide variation. Based upon your style and purpose, muster along to judge what works best for you. 

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Fixed Router VS Plunge Based Router

The main difference between both types of routers is the adjustment. Now one should know that not all types of works demand the saw adjustment. In comparison, both routers will render your woodwork in a clean depth-cut. There are still very finicky key differences that one should be aware of. 

Know Your Fixed Router 

As the name suggests, the Fixed router is a wood-cutting machine that stays affixed. It does not mean that it cannot be manually adjusted or modified. But the procedure is not live. Fixed plungers are more properly used to create woodwork with sets and less complex dimensions. These routers are best for layouts. These are generally useful for training and new workers who need to create simple and solid structures.  If you are looking to purchase a router table then you should read this blog post.

The cutting bit is not designed to move as it is fixed before performing any woodwork. This is important for error-free and accurate edges. 

Pros Of Fixed Router

  • Straightforward to use. 
  • Useful for learning purposes.
  • Very accurate cuts.
  • Best for joinery.

Know Your Plunge Based Router

A plunge-based router can be comprehended as a cutting arm that can be adjusted upward or downward. It is the base upon which the material rests. Moreover, the arm can be lowered to incise through the part of the wood, apart from the edges. It is mostly used for cuts or joining cavities that need to be in the middle. 

This router is not a complex machine to work with, but it does need to be mastered. Since it is your own force which plunges the hole, cut, thread into the workpiece via the arm. The plunge router is an essential need but is not always beneficial as there are other drills or plungers which can make the work easier for you if you do not mass produce. But, if the work is more about bulk production, this is the one tool you should never compromise. The plunge router saves time. 

Pros Of Plunge Router

  • Mortising becomes easier.
  • The depth of the cut can be adjusted.
  • Best For Template Indentations. 

Which Router To Choose For Woodworking? | Plunge Based Router VS Fixed

The answer to this is simple. But to gather it accurately, we have to know our purpose, intention, and amount. 

Based On Purpose – If your purpose is to teach or learn, then an affixed base router is a no-brainer. If your purpose is to save money on heavy machinery, you can avoid plunge-based routers as they are costlier. Similar work can be done by other equipment, which generally costs less. Click on this link to know more. 

Based On Intention – If your intention is to perform more artistic work, including complex functionality, you have to go for Plunge router because they are the only sure tools to guarantee your safety and design accuracy. If your intention is to make wooden products that are more basic and perform a simple function, you are good with just the fixed base router. 

Based On Amount – If you are the one who is looking forward to a mass-production business, you need to have both- the fixed base and plunge routers. Why? Because the fixed and plunge router combo will render you more time and accuracy on the output. 


We desire to provide you the clarity which you cannot get anywhere on the internet. Our guides are designed to provide the information which our readers can use. And so it’s a hope that we fulfilled the same in this article as well. Via this article- Fixed Routers VS Plunge Based Routers, we tried to present the differences and the advantages of each, specifically. Do not mind sharing your opinions, experiences, or information with our fellow readers. If you have any queries in mind, put them down so we can answer them back from the comment box below.