The first trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong, the new movie that will face the two monsters in an epic battle. Although the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world and cinemas continue to be unable to open to their full capacity, Warner Bros continues to take the lead when it comes to premieres, and unlike the other studios, it continues to release new films. to theaters as well as to streaming services.

He already did it with Wonder Woman 1984 and plans to repeat it with his new premiere Godzilla vs. Kong, which announced just a week ago that it was moving its release date forward to March 26 when it will be available in both theaters and HBO Max. And of course, with such an important announcement, the next thing was to launch the first trailer for the monster movie.

A trailer more than expected by fans of the saga, remember that Godzilla vs. Kong finished filming in 2019 with the hope of being released in May 2020, despite the complications caused by the pandemic, Warner delayed it until May 2021 and then advanced its arrival until March, and in all this time of comings and goings. dates coming, not a single promotional video has been released despite how close the premiere is already.
Godzilla vs. Kong is directed by Adam Windward and stars the young Millie Bobby Brown, who reprises her role as Godzilla: King of the Monsters, as is Kyle Chandler and who is joined by Alexander Skarsgard.